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Summary of recently published books related to international psychology.

Proceedings, 2008 International Congress of PsychologyProceedings, 2008 International Congress of Psychology

Cognition & Neuropsychology International Perspectives on Psychological Science (Volume 1) and Personality, Human Development, and Culture: International Perspectives On Psychological Science (Volume 2). Edited by Peter A. Frensch, and Ralf Schwarzer.

This two volume edited set presents contributions from the 29th International Congress of Psychology, held in Berlin in 2008. The authors - international leaders from around the world - present a global perspective that illustrates cutting-edge research being undertaken on all five continents.

  • Volume 1, Cognition and Neuropsychology focuses on advances in three substantive content areas, (i) Perception, Attention, and Action, (ii) Social Cognition, and (iii) Learning, Memory and Development.

  • Volume 2, Personality, Human Development, and Culture provides an overview of advances in clinical, health, social, developmental, and cross-cultural psychology.

See Psychology Press for more information.

Human Development and Political ViolenceHuman Development and Political Violence

By Colette Daiute, PhD, The Graduate Center, City University of New York. Cambridge University Press.

Human Development and Political Violence presents an innovative approach to research and practice with young people growing up in the context of political violence. Based on developmental theory, this book explains and illustrates how children and youth interact with environments defined by war, armed conflict, and the aftermath involving displacement, poverty, political instability, and personal loss.

The case study for this inquiry was a research workshop in four countries of the former Yugoslavia, where youth aged 12 to 27 participated in activities designed to promote their development. The theory-based Dynamic Story-Telling by Youth workshop engaged participants as social historians and critics sharing their experiences via narratives, evaluations of society, letters to public officials, debates, and collaborative inquiries.

Analyses of these youth perspectives augment archival materials and researcher field notes to offer insights about developmental strategies for dealing with the threats and opportunities of war and major political change.

Daiute has done research on children’s social conflicts, conflict resolution, children’s development in war and post- war contexts, children’s rights, literacy development, writing, and uses of interactive technology.

See Cambridge for details.

CommuniqueCommuniqué Special Issue on Indigenous Psychology

The Communiqué Newsjournal, a publication of the APA Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs, is now available online. The most recent issue features a special section on Indigenous Peoples: Promoting Psychological Healing and Well-Being. Past issues of Communiqué are also available online

Psychology as a Core Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Discipline

The report addresses the reasons why psychological science is inconsistently included within public and private initiatives to enhance STEM research and education and offers recommendations to APA and other groups for achieving consistent inclusion. You can download this report online.