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Recent books address the psychology of men and cross cultural research methods.

An International Psychology of Men: Theoretical Advances, Case Studies, and Clinical InnovationsAn International Psychology of Men: Theoretical Advances, Case Studies, and Clinical Innovations

Edited by Chris Blazina & David Shen-Miller

This book addresses the clinical issues that affect men and masculinity across a wide range of cultural and national settings. It argues that gender can no longer be viewed as an isolated characteristic, and that mental health professionals need to take ethnic and cultural issues into account to provide adequate care for male patients. Numerous international perspectives are offered by the contributing authors, authorities from countries including Australia, Argentina, Denmark, Canada, India, Ireland, and South Africa. Topics include the theoretical contexts for counseling men in a variety of countries, social definitions of “being a man,” relationship concerns and power, fatherhood, and men’s body image across the life span. The goal of the book is to enable mental health practitioners to have a better understanding of how to work more effectively with male clients.

Cross-Cultural Research Methods in PsychologyCross-Cultural Research Methods in Psychology

Edited by David Matsumoto and Fons van de Vijver

Cross-Cultural Research Methods in Psychology provides state-of-the-art knowledge about the methodological challenges that need to be addressed if a researcher is to conduct valid and reliable cross-cultural research. It also offers practical advice and examples of solutions to those challenges. Although it is true that the basic principles of psychological methodology and data analysis are applicable to cross-cultural research, there are a number of issues that are distinct to it, including managing incongruities of language and quantifying cultural response sets in the use of scales.