Division 52 Update

Dr. John Hogan summarizes the Division's programming at the APA convention, the 2011 award recipients, and other upcoming activities and transitions.

By John D. Hogan, PhD
APA Annual Convention 2011: Division 52 Programming

Division 52

One of the most important activities of the Division is the planning and execution of our program at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association. We were particularly blessed this year by having two talented and experienced members of the Division willing to oversee the program. Senel Poyrazli (Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg) was in charge of the “regular” convention planning, and Mark Terjesen (St. John’s University, New York) supervised the hospitality suite programs. The Suite planning has become increasingly important as APA divisions are being allotted fewer hours. The suite also affords a more intimate venue for our attendees, as well as the opportunity to interact more easily with the presenters. Mark will be in charge of the “regular” programming for 2012. If you any questions, you may contact him by email.

Mid-Winter Meeting

Each year the Division holds a mid-winter meeting, usually in conjunction with another related professional group. On February 22-25, 2012, we will meet jointly with the Society for Cross-Cultural Research (SCCR) at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also joining us at the meeting will be members of the Society for Anthropological Sciences and the Children and Childhood Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association.

We are excited about meeting with SCCR and the two other groups, and hope to have some fruitful cross-fertilization. A special thanks to Neal Rubin (Argosy University, Chicago), President-Elect of Division 52, who has made all the arrangements for the division’s participation in the meeting; and William R. Jankowiak, President-Elect of SCCR and leader of the conference committee. The webpage for the SCCR conference can be found online.

New Officers/Upcoming Elections

January 1 begins a new term for Division 52, and the newly elected officers will assume their positions. Neal Rubin will become President; Mercedes McCormick (Pace University) will become President-Elect; and Susan Nolan (Seton Hall University) will become Treasurer. In the upcoming elections in 2012, two positions will be available for members-at-large of the Division, one of which is reserved for an Early Career psychologist (ECP). The ECP candidate must be within 10 years of receipt of the doctorate. And, of course, the election of a new president-elect takes place each year.

As Past-President, I will be in charge of nominations and elections for the Division. Please contact me if you wish to nominate individuals for any of the open positions. I will be accepting nominations at any time, but I will need them in hand by late winter for this election cycle.

International Psychologist Awards

Next year I will also oversee the various awards given by the Division, and I will be directly in charge of the International Psychologist Awards. Each year Division 52 presents two Outstanding International Psychologist Awards. One award is given to a psychologist from the United States and the second award is given to a psychologist outside the United States. Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to international psychology either through significant research, teaching, advocacy, and/or contributions to international organizations are eligible. Please nominate psychologists who you think meet these criteria by February 15, 2012. Email your nomination. Additional information on the awards is available on the Division 52 website.

The Division 52 award recipients for 2011 were as follows:

Outstanding International Psychologist Awards

  • Michael J. Stevens, PhD, DHC (Illinois State University)

  • Narasappa Kumaraswamy, PhD (University of Malaysia)

Henry David International Mentoring Award

  • Lawrence Gerstein, PhD (Ball State University)

  • Tara Pir, PhD (The Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Education Services, Inc.)

  • Harold Takooshian, PhD (Fordham University)

Denmark-Reuder Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Psychology of Women and Gender

  • Joy K. Rice, PhD (University of Wisconsin—Madison)

Student International Research Awards

  • Elena S. Yakunina, MA (University of Akron); Advisor: Ingrid Weigold, PhD

  • R. Eric Lewandowski, MS (Columbia University Teachers College); Advisor: Helena Verdeli, PhD

  • Joseph C. S. Siu, MCS, MBA (California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University, Hong Kong); Advisor: Diane Zelman, PhD

Ursula Gielen Global Psychology Book Award

  • International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling: Cultural Assumptions and Practices Worldwide

    Editors: Lawrence H. Gerstein (Ball State University) P. Paul Heppner (University of Missouri) Stefanía Ægisdóttir (Ball State University) Seung-Ming Alvin Leung (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Kathryn L. Norsworthy (Rollins College)

Our New Journal

I want to remind everyone of our new journal – International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Consultation, Practice – which is edited by Judith Gibbons of St. Louis University and will be launched in the new year. By all accounts, we are off to a good start with many worthwhile submissions. The journal is an important extension of the mission of the Division, and we are very excited about its future.

A Final Note

I’ve had a wonderful year as president of Division 52. A good deal of the pleasure in leading the Division has been the opportunity to interact with so many gifted and hard-working colleagues. It has been a privilege to serve, and I remain very grateful for the opportunity.