Introducing the 2012 APA Committee on International Relations in Psychology

Drs. Puncky Heppner and Tina Richardson will serve as co-chairs of CIRP for 2012.
APA‘s Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP) aims to foster interactions between psychologists in the U.S. and their colleagues abroad, while promoting an international perspective of psychology within programs, policies and educational settings. CIRP is also responsible for naming the annual recipient of the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology and the International Humanitarian Award. After another successful year, the 2012 Committee is again gearing up for its annual spring consolidated meeting. Puncky Heppner and Tina Richardson will take over leadership of the committee for 2012, and we all welcome CIRP newcomers Jean Lau Chin, Virginia Kwan, and Bonnie Nastasi as they begin their term. Here are the members of CIRP 2012:
Puncky Paul Heppner, PhD, Co-Chair

Puncky Paul Heppner, PhDDr. Heppner is Curators' Professor and Director of the Center for Cultural Competence at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has been involved in a wide array of multicultural and international activities (e.g., research, cross-cultural teaching, mentoring). He has also been a prolific researcher, and the recipient of numerous research, teaching, mentoring and service awards, including APA's Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology.

"I am not only very honored to serve as Co-Chair of CIRP, but also absolutely delighted to share this role with Dr. Tina Richardson who has such a deep array of cultural skills. The CIRP Committee is an extremely talented and visionary group of psychologists, and I have been extremely impressed not only by their exceptionally broad array of cross-cultural knowledge and skills, but by their dedication to strengthen psychology at home and abroad. Moreover, I have been extremely impressed with the Office of International Affairs Director Merry Bullock for her vision, systematic and strategic planning, and dedication to the globalization of psychology."

Tina Q. Richardson, PhD, Co-Chair

Tina Q. Richardson, PhDDr. Richardson is a Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Education at Drexel University. She is also a Fellow at the Center for Collaborative Online and International Learning (COIL), an American Council on Education Fellow, and a recipient of multiple Fulbright-Hays Awards. Her teaching and scholarship focuses on assessing learning outcomes associated with international experiences and multicultural competence.

"I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to serve as Co-Chair of CIRP and contribute to the bi-directional exchange of psychology internationally. I take very seriously the opportunity to work with my Co-Chair, Dr. Puncky Heppner, and the Director of OIA, Merry Bullock, as well the CIRP members who have an unwavering commitment to promote psychology as a science. I am excited about helping to implement the CIRP strategic plan and support proactive initiatives to enhance international collaborations that promote and develop psychology globally."

Barbara M. Byrne, PhD

Barbara M. Byrne, PhDUniversity of Ottawa

statistics; statistical methodology of structural equation modeling; cross-cultural research and testing practices; construct validation issues related to the measurement and structure of self-concept, burnout and depression

Jean Lau Chin, EdD

Jean Lau Chin, EdDAdelphi University, Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies

clinical psychology; diversity and cultural competence; Asian American health and mental health; leadership styles; psychotherapy training and clinical practice

Virginia Kwan, PhD

Virginia Kwan, PhDArizona State University

social & personality psychology; social-perception processes; diversity and multicultural identity dynamics; cultural priming; judgment and decision making

Chandra MN Mehrotra, PhD

Chandra MN Mehrotra, PhDCollege of St. Scholastica

gerontology; aging and diversity; statistics, research methodology, psychological measurement and program evaluation

Bonnie K. Nastasi, PhD

Bonnie K. Nastasi, PhDTulane University

school psychology; culturally appropriate health promotion and health risk prevention programming for child, adolescent and adult populations

Susan V. Opotow, PhD

Susan V. Opotow, PhDJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice

social and organizational psychology; aggression, conflict and peace; morality and ethics; organizational behavior; intergroup relations; applied social psychology  

Chris E. Stout, PsyD

Chris E. Stout, PsyDCenter for Global Initiatives

clinical psychology; global psychology and health care, complex systems and overcoming mediocrity