APA president meets with Spanish colleagues at the International Congress of Clinical Psychology

President Suzanne Bennett Johnson met with Spain’s psychology association to discuss future collaborations between APA and COP

Suzanne Bennett Johnson with colleagues from the General Council of Associations of Psychologists (COP) in SpainIn late April, 2012 APA President Suzanne Bennett Johnson attended the V International Congress of Clinical Psychology in Santander, Spain and met with colleagues from the Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Psicólogos (COP) to discuss developing projects and recent advances regarding psychology in the United States and in Spain.

Dr. Johnson and the COP Governing Board agreed on the need for active participation of psychologists in primary care services, as well as the need for psychology organizations like APA and COP to provide resources that make the contributions and potential benefits of psychologists' participation more visible to other professionals working at the primary level of care. Dr. Johnson has focused her presidency on this subject by initiating a task force that aims to increase the representation of psychologists on interdisciplinary teams in science and practice. Her second presidential task force addresses high obesity rates in the United States — a trend that is also occurring in Spain.

Dr. Johnson and her colleagues also discussed the possibility of further collaboration between APA and COP. The associations will further explore this partnership at the 2012 APA Convention in Orlando, Fla.