Newsletter announcements

A listing of proposal requests, volunteer opportunities and calls for grant and fellowship applications.

APA international learning partner programs in China and Cuba

APA invites members to participate in a professional visit to China, scheduled for May 13-23, 2013, organized to promote mutual learning, collaboration and exchange. Led by Barry Anton, PhD, and Carol Goodheart, EdD, participants will explore psychological research, education and interventions in China; the integration of behavioral and physical health; and applications of psychology across different sectors of society. The visit includes meeting with Chinese colleagues in Beijing and Xi’an. APA is working with Professionals Abroad to create the itinerary and handle all logistics for the trip. An optional cultural trip to Tibet is also being planned. For more information, please visit the APA Professional Program to China website. A program trip to Cuba is also being planned and will be led by Suzanne Bennett Johnson. A date for this trip is yet to be determined.

IREX short-term travel grants for U.S. scholars and professionals

Applications are being accepted for IREX’s 2013-2014 Short-Term Travel Grants Program (STG). This program is for postdoctoral scholars and professionals with advanced degrees to conduct policy-relevant research in the countries of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Researchers are able to increase their understanding of current regional issues, develop and sustain international networks, and directly contribute to the formation of U.S. public policy by conducting research on topics vital to the academic and policymaking communities. This fellowship provides international airfare, a living/housing stipend, visa support, emergency evacuation insurance, logistical support, and in many countries, field office support. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. For more information, visit IREX. Deadline for application is Feb. 6, 2013.

Call for Submissions: PsyCh Journal, China’s first international journal in psychological science

PsyCh Journal was launched in 2012 as China’s first international psychology journal. Edited by Lars-Göran Nilsson and Kan Zhang, it is the flagship journal of the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences — the only national psychology research institute in China. The journal is published twice a year and includes peer reviewed research articles, research reports, and integrated research reviews spanning the entire spectrum of scientific psychology and its applications. The content includes empirical and theoretical research in psychology and interdisciplinary sciences, with topics ranging from physiological and systems perspectives to individual, group and society approaches. It is devoted to exploring basic mechanisms of the human mind and behavior, and applying psychological science to improve understanding of culture and society. For more information on PsyCh Journal and the submissions process, please visit Wiley.

Call for proposals: NSF Open Research Area

Open Research Area (ORA) was started in 2009 by funding agencies in France (ANR), Germany (DFG), the United Kingdom (ESRC), and the Netherlands (NWO) as a joint-funding scheme for collaborative international research projects in the social, behavioral and economic sciences. In 2013, after two successful rounds of competition, ORA is expanding to include the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences. One of ORA’s chief objectives is to reduce barriers to international collaborative research by making collaboration among the partners as seamless as possible through a single review process and joint decision-making. Proposals will be accepted for research projects in any area of the social and behavioral sciences involving researchers from any combination of three or more of the participating countries. Please note that bilateral applications will not be allowed. Further, proposals must clearly demonstrate the added value of transnational collaboration; proposals where there is no clear scientific value added from the collaboration will not be eligible. For more information, please visit NWO or contact Elizabeth Tran. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 15, 2013.

WHO-UNHCR publication: “Assessing Mental Health and Psychosocial Needs and Resources: Toolkit for Humanitarian Settings”

The World Health Organization and the United Nations Refugee Agency have recently published a new resource called “Assessing Mental Health and Psychosocial Needs and Resources: Toolkit for Humanitarian Settings.” The toolkit was developed because of frequent requests from the field to advise on assessment of mental health and psychosocial issues in humanitarian settings. Although a range of assessment tools exist, what has been missing is an overall approach that clarifies when to use which tool for what purpose. This document offers an approach to assessment that should help you review information that is already available and only collect new data that will be of practical use. Though it was written primarily for public health actors, many of the tools in the accompanying toolkit cover mental health and psychosocial assessment issues relevant to other sectors as well as the health sector. For more information or to order a copy of this toolkit, please visit the website (PDF, 307KB).