Division 52 update

Division 52 happenings in 2013: Building bridges internationally

Mercedes McCormick outlines Division 52’s goals and activities for the upcoming year.

By Mercedes A. McCormick

International Psychology Division 52

Division 52, APA's Division of International Psychology, is embarking on a new year of planning and implementing dynamic initiatives and programs to advance the field of international psychology. Division 52 warmly welcomes all global psychologists and students to exchange their views on important issues in the field of international psychology.

The division’s goal for 2013 is to motivate, engage and lead others to promote and strengthen the field of international psychology through program planning and "building bridges" with other organizations that have an international focus and membership across all seasons of a psychologist’s career.

For starters, Division 52 has partnered with Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, to encourage undergraduate and graduate students nationally and internationally to become involved in the field of international psychology and to join the Division 52 Student Committee. In addition to encouraging student professional members to become proactive in Division 52, this initiative aims to build the relationship between Division 52 and Psi Chi to promote student excellence, leadership and diversity in conducting international research. For more information about this initiative, see Building Bridges: Psi Chi and International Psychology.

Division 52 is also "building a bridge" with the International Section of the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA). The annual meeting of the EPA will be held immediately following Division 52’s Mid-Winter Meeting in New York City, March 1-4, 2013. Harold Takooshian has developed EPA's International Psychology program and engaged many of the division’s colleagues to participate. International Psychologists from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia and South America will be presenting as part of the program. Psi Chi has also developed a rich program for the EPA Annual Meeting, with presentations from many Division 52 colleagues who will speak about student involvement and international psychology issues. The Psi Chi program and the EPA International Psychology program will be held in adjacent rooms, making it convenient for attendees to participate in both programs.

In 2013, Division 52 will continue to respect and recruit membership from all levels of a psychology career —student, early career, mid-career, late career and retiring psychologists. Each season of a psychologist’s career brings the development of leadership and character traits, values, experience and wisdom that will strengthen and illuminate the whole of the division. This important initiative will be implemented by the newly appointed Chair Maria Lavooy.

Additionally, the division will continue to motivate and engage the Student Committee initiated by 2012 Division 52 President, Neal Rubin and chaired by Laura Reid-Marks. Each year this committee expands both nationally and internationally to attract students to become members and to become more active in division activities.

We have a full and exciting agenda for 2013, and I look forward to keeping you informed about its activities.

McCormick can be reached by email.