Psychology Resources Around the World: Celebrate and contribute

Developed by the International Union of Psychological Science, this resource includes information on psychology institutions, history, regulations and resources in every country around the world.

Psychology Resources Around the WorldWhere would you look if you wanted to find the founding dates of psychology organizations in Brazil or China, or the name of the first psychology department in France? Or if you wanted contacts at a psychology department in Kazakhstan? Or if you wanted to search psychology photo archives? You could Google each of these independently — or you could look in a new web resource for psychology — Psychology Resources Around the World.

This resource, developed by the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS), has extensive information on the structures, organizations and documents of psychology for every country in the world and globally. It is a repository of useful lists: ethics codes from national associations in 54 countries, constitutions and by-laws for psychology associations, links to resources on psychology education, research and practice. It also offers a historical timeline for psychology that can be searched by country, region or topic. Peppered with photos and maps from every country in the world, Psychology Resources Around the World gives a rich and comprehensive landscape of psychology. Its goal — to be the go-to place for information on psychology — is well on its way.

Unlike Wikipedia’s psychology project, which seeks to offer information on the content of psychology, the Psychology Resources site seeks to offer links to resources and information useful to psychologists and psychology organizations. But like the Wikipedia project, the site developers actively solicit input from psychologists and psychology students around the world to gather information on psychology departments and organizations in their country. To contribute to this resource, please visit IUPsyS.