Division 52 update

Division 52 highpoints at the 2013 APA Annual Convention

APA’s Division of International Psychology continues its mission of building bridges with international organizations and global partners.

By Mercedes A. McCormick

International Psychology Division 52

Div. 52, APA’s Division of International Psychology, was engaged in numerous events, symposiums, poster sessions and hospitality suite activities during the APA convention in August. Holding this year’s convention in Hawaii gave Div. 52 a terrific opportunity to connect with psychologists from the East and West regions of our global world who are interested in international psychology. New personal and professional connections were initiated. These relationships were developed on similar research interests, sharing of global teaching strategies and the implications of intervention techniques to improve adolescent mental health issues, reduce family violence and abuse against women.

Div. 52’s main initiative of 2013 is to build bridges with like-minded partners in our global world. This initiative was welcomed by Psi Chi International Honor Society, the Korean Network of Psychologists and the Taiwanese Psychologists Associations. Each organization held a networking event as part of the Div. 52 Hospitality Suite Program.

Div. 52 opened its schedule of hospitality programming to host the Korean and Taiwanese Psychology Associations. This was the first time these organizations attended APA and Div. 52’s events. Both organizations stated their appreciation that Div. 52 hosted these collaborative opportunities. This networking allowed Asian psychologists to present their views on important issues confronting their membership in the field of international psychology. Each organization's theme concerned building a stronger network of psychologists and enhancing communication among membership. As a result, several members of the organizations plan to become involved in Div. 52 as international affiliates and to build mentoring relationships with the division’s board members.

Importantly, the Korean Psychologists Network (KPN) is a network of Korean and Korean American psychologists (or anyone who is interested in KPN) in counseling psychology or in mental health related fields. KPN aims to help members to connect with one another in order to share support and validation of their unique issues and challenges as well as the opportunity to collaborate. For more information about KPN, contact Jinhee Kang and go to the website. For information about the Taiwanese Psychology Association, see Taiwan Psychology Network.

As part of the 2013 APA convention programming, Div. 52 hosted a symposium titled “Building Bridges between Division 52 and Psi Chi to Promote Student Excellence and Leadership.” This symposium’s purpose was to advance the ideas and endeavors announced in the 2012 APA convention symposium “Building Bridges between Division 52 and Psi Chi International.” Symposium speakers shared their experiences in a variety of topics, including "Using the Internet to build bridges to enhance student involvement in international psychology" by H. Takooshian (Fordham University); "Innovative approaches to conducting international research with students" by J. Young (2013 president of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, CUNY-Hunter University, NYC); “Division 52's Student Committee's history, role, and lessons learned for Psi Chi International Chapters Membership” by L. Reid Marks (Div. 52 Student Committee co-chair, Purdue University); “Thinking globally, acting locally: Building bridges Italian style” by B. Carducci (Div. 52 Clearinghouse chair, Indiana University Southeast); and “Psi Chi debuts in South Africa-Summer 2012” by M. Zlokovich (executive director of Psi Chi International Advisory Board) and M. Lavooy (2013 president-elect of Psi Chi International; Florida Institute of Technology).

Speakers engaged in dialogues about partnering with Div. 52 through their professional international psychology experiences. Representatives from Psi Chi International mentioned at the time of the symposium that it has opened chapters in eleven countries around the globe. They also mentioned that the organization looks forward to fostering APA Div. 52's mission to chapters around the globe.

In conclusion, Div. 52 continues to build bridges with other interested partners. Two interested collaborators are APA Div. 39 (psychoanalysis) in regard to global treatment practices, and the Interamerican Society of Psychology. For more information, contact Div. 52.