Psychology in Action Column

Volume 25, No. 2:  June 2014 
My country, my closet: The role of psychology in the growing international divide over GLBTQ rights 

Volume 25, No. 1:  March 2014 
Building mental health capacity in Haiti: The Teachers Mental Health Training Program 

Volume 24, No. 3: October 2013
Bringing Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to Russia 

Volume 24, No. 2: June 2013
Humanitarian Work Psychology at North Carolina State University's IOTech4D Lab

Volume 24, No. 1: March 2013
Capacitar: Building mental health capacity in rural Guatemala

Volume 23, No. 4: December 2012
Group psychotherapy trainings in China
PDF version (PDF, 878KB)

Volume 23, No. 3: October 2012
School-Based Psychological Services in Kosovo
PDF version (PDF, 345KB)

Volume 23, No. 2: June 2012
Psychologists Obtain Advanced Training on Human Rights Law and Evaluations of Torture Survivors
PDF version (357KB) 

Volume 23, No. 1: March 2012
Psychologist Prescriptive Authority Movement in Europe
PDF version (445KB)

Volume 22, No. 4: December 2011
Reentry Trauma: The Shock of Returning Home
PDF version (339KB)

Volume 22, No. 3: October 2011
APA Behavioral and Social Science Volunteer Program Reaches Out to Community Organizations in the U.S. Virgin Islands
PDF version (563KB)

Volume 22, No. 2: July-August 2011
Mental Health in Nepal: The Voices of Koshish
PDF version (3.4MB) (see page 7)

Volume 22, No. 1: April 2011
Finding the Key That Fits: A Young Man's Path to Psychology
PDF version (2.2MB) (see page 6)

Volume 20, No. 5: November/December 2009
Assessment and Intervention Tools for Victims of Piracy
PDF version (641KB) (page 1)

Volume 20, No. 2: March/April 2009
Child Trafficking From Prevention to Protection: Community Based Collaboration
PDF version (914KB) (see page 11)

Volume 20, No. 1: January/February 2009
Addressing Mental Health and Psychosocial Well-being in Post-Conflict Settings 
PDF version (817KB) (see page 9)

Volume 19, No. 3: August 2008
The Challenge of Travel
PDF version (512KB) (see page 11)

Volume 19, No. 1: January/February 2008
The Art of Building Peace
PDF version (982KB) (see page 15)

Volume 18, No. 4: September/October 2007
Finding International Potential in Early Childhood Development
PDF version (774KB) (see page 5)

Volume 18, No. 3: May/June 2007
Stepping onto New Terrain. Organizations that Help Volunteers Give Globally
PDF version (510KB) (see page 5)

Volume 18, No. 2: March/April 2007
Volunteering Abroad, NGO Style
PDF version (457KB) (see page 7)

Volume 18, No. 1: February 2007
Society for Terrorism Research (STR)
PDF version only (619KB) (see page 16)

Volume 17, No. 3: July-August 2006
ACT Against Violence program joins global partnership of prevention programs
PDF version only (621KB) (see page 16)

Volume 17, No. 2: April-May 2006
Danger at the UN: Can We Protect Those Who Protect?
PDF version only (541KB) (see page 3)

Volume 17, No. 1: January-February 2006
Tending the Helper’s Flame: Providing Psychosocial Support to Humanitarian Aid Workers
PDF version only (794KB) (see page 18)