Psychology International: Past Issues

  • September 2007

    In this issue: new guidelines for providing mental health and psychological support in emergency settings, the first annual Psychology Day at the United Nations and addressing child development in developing countries.

  • May 2007

    In this issue: an agreement between APA and the Jordanian Psychological Association, "PsyCorps" and "Psychology Without Borders," two NGOs that help psychologists apply their skills in emergencies around the globe.

  • March 2007

    In this issue: the World Federation for Mental Health, substance abuse research infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe and how psychologists can volunteer abroad through international NGOs.

  • February 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: the mission and activities of The International Society for Comparative Psychology and a study on the cross-cultural competence of undergraduates.

  • December 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: APA’s Committee on International Relations in Psychology, the challenges of life in a global community and the APA UN team's workshop and brochure on the global concept of forgiveness.

  • July 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: Committee on International Relations in Psychology, the International Association for Travel Behavior Research and addressing intimate partner violence among Latinos.

  • April 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: a UN-proposed program to enhance the safety and well-being of humanitarian personnel, how psychologists help the world's most elite athletes handle the stress of international competition and the pressure to succeed.

  • January 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: international research collaborations, the Asian Psychological Association and implementing the International Classification of Functioning and Disability.

  • September 2005[PDF]

    In this issue: APA's Committee on International Relations in Psychology, information on several APA-sponsored plenary talks at the annual NGO-Department of Public Information conference at the United Nations and why the APA needs an international office.

  • July 2005[PDF]

    In this issue: Committee on International Relations in Psychology and a grant awarded to the US National Committee for Psychology to promote the science of psychology internationally.

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