Psychology International: Past Issues

  • May 2007

    In this issue: an agreement between APA and the Jordanian Psychological Association, "PsyCorps" and "Psychology Without Borders," two NGOs that help psychologists apply their skills in emergencies around the globe.

  • March 2007

    In this issue: the World Federation for Mental Health, substance abuse research infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe and how psychologists can volunteer abroad through international NGOs.

  • February 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: the mission and activities of The International Society for Comparative Psychology and a study on the cross-cultural competence of undergraduates.

  • December 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: APA’s Committee on International Relations in Psychology, the challenges of life in a global community and the APA UN team's workshop and brochure on the global concept of forgiveness.

  • July 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: Committee on International Relations in Psychology, the International Association for Travel Behavior Research and addressing intimate partner violence among Latinos.

  • April 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: a UN-proposed program to enhance the safety and well-being of humanitarian personnel, how psychologists help the world's most elite athletes handle the stress of international competition and the pressure to succeed.

  • January 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: international research collaborations, the Asian Psychological Association and implementing the International Classification of Functioning and Disability.

  • September 2005[PDF]

    In this issue: APA's Committee on International Relations in Psychology, information on several APA-sponsored plenary talks at the annual NGO-Department of Public Information conference at the United Nations and why the APA needs an international office.

  • July 2005[PDF]

    In this issue: Committee on International Relations in Psychology and a grant awarded to the US National Committee for Psychology to promote the science of psychology internationally.

  • December 2004[PDF]

    In this issue: Resolution on Culture and Gender Awareness in International Psychology, collaboration with Cuban psychologists, and common ground on values and competencies at the Third International Congress on Licensure, Certification, and Credentialing of Psychologists.

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