Senior Director Column from Psychology International

  • Senior Director's Column: Global impact — are we ready?
    Volume 25, No. 2: June 2014
    Merry Bullock, PhD, discusses psychology's contribution to addressing global challenges.

  • Internationalization in psychology and in APA: A process, not an outcome
    Volume 25, No. 1: March 2014
    Merry Bullock, PhD, discusses the meaning of the term internationalization and how the APA Office of International Affairs implements this at the core of its activities.

  • Tickets, Passport and Learning
    Volume 24, No. 2: June 2013
    Merry Bullock, PhD, discusses the purpose of international outreach and ways that APA has been active in implementing a learning partner model for international engagement.

  • Behavioral health interventions: So much data and so little evidence
    Volume 24, No. 1: March 2013
    Merry Bullock, PhD, discusses the upcoming USAID Global Health Evidence Summit and opportunities for psychology to provide evidence for effective behavioral health interventions.

  • How do we know ourselves?
    Volume 23, No. 4: December 2012
    Merry Bullock, PhD, discusses the gap between geographical distribution of psychologists around the world and the scope of psychology literature, as well as ways to bridge this gap.

  • Reaching out internationally — where are we now?
    Volume 23, No. 3: October 2012
    Merry Bullock, PhD, addresses both the excitement and concerns over APA's burgeoning international outreach programs.

  • Access to the world of psychology 
    Volume 23. No. 1: March 2012
    Merry Bullock, PhD, discusses how psychologists can help build a global discipline by broadening access to psychology resources and opportunities.

  • A Year in Review 
    Volume 22. No. 4: December 2011
    A reflection on the past year's activities in the APA Office of International Affairs and goals for 2012.

  • APA's international responsibility
    Monitor on Psychology. November 2011, Vol. 42, No. 10
    APA CEO Norman Anderson asked Office of International Affairs Director Merry Bullock to write a column on APA's international responsibilities and aspirations.

  • Shaking hands and opening doors
    Volume 22. No. 3: October 2011
    APA Office of International Affairs Director Merry Bullock discusses the increasing amount of international outreach and exchange between psychologists, as well as the next steps for developing psychology as a mobile, international discipline.

  • Consensus on substance and process: A tall task for psychology
    Volume 20. No. 3: July-August 2009
    Psychology has a long involvement in psychometrics, and questions such as test adaptation, translation, and validity across cultures is a prevalent topic.

  • It's time for psychology to step up
    Volume 20. No. 2: March 2009 
    The vision of a vigorous science enterprise and a strong science-to-policy link dovetails well with APA’s newly revised mission statement "… to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives."

  • An international psychology curriculum — work for us all
    Volume 20. No. 1: January 2009
    There is a need in many countries, especially those in which psychology is rapidly developing and that base their curricula on US or other English language texts, to nationalize the curriculum – that is, to generate examples and models appropriate for local non North-American or Northern European history, context and culture.

  • Reflections
    Volume 19. No. 5: December 2008 
    During this economic downturn, psychologists are beginning to think about how psychology, as a discipline, needs to work proactively to be of service during this crisis.

  • Global imperative? Defining needs
    Volume 19. No. 4: October 2008
    It is time for us as a discipline to think creatively about how to foster an international psychology and to explore outside the box to facilitate international opportunities, especially for those at the beginning of their psychology careers.

  • Senior Director's Column—Convention
    Volume 19. No. 3: August 2008
    From an international perspective, the convention offers opportunities for us to explore our principles, procedures, assumptions, and theories, and to ask where they are the same, where they overlap, and where they differ in ways that will teach us about the unitary or diverse nature of our discipline and our cultures.

  • Psychology then and now
    Volume 19. No. 2: May 2008
    The strong attention paid to multiculturalism in the US reminds psychology that there are vast cultural differences in meaning, value and behavior that need to merit serious attention in our theories, models, and explanations.

  • What is on your mind?
    Volume 19. No. 1: January 2008 
    Some of the concerns that APA's Council of Representatives reflected on at a few meetings were measures to increase inclusiveness in governance, awareness training in diversity; programs and policy statements to help psychology address pressing global issues and activities to support defining priorities and strategic goals.

  • Pole sitting and aspirations for 2008
    Volume 18. No. 5: November 2007
    In this issue, the leaders of two of APA’s international governance groups — CIRP (the Committee on International Relations in Psychology) and Division 52 (the Division of International Psychology) recap some of the successful initiatives in which they and their members have been involved.

  • International engagement — for psychology and for development
    Volume 18. No. 4: September 2007 
    An important professional activity outside the usual “job description” is service to the discipline through a variety of activities that support its development.

  • We are all hosts
    Volume 18. No. 3: May 2007 
    The international theme and predictions that this year will bring the largest number of international participants to convention are signs of a healthy awareness within APA and within psychology more generally that an international in perspective is imperative.

  • Welcome to spring
    Volume 18. No. 2: March 2007 
    Part of the GOALS initiative is to expand the informational resources available - to become a “one stop” portal with links to the rest of the world of psychology. Another informational function is to disseminate information about global policies, guidelines, and resources.