International Programs & Awards

APA's Office of International Affairs serves as the association's main conduit of international information.

International Awards & Grants

Collaboration and Exchange


A regular series in each Psychology International newsletter about international collaborations in research or application. Authors write about their own collaborations — what they are, with whom, how they began with special attention to highlighting the rewards, challenges and surprises of this form of working together.


Do you have expertise in countries outside the U.S.? Join the Roster of Members with Expertise Outside the U.S. (ROMEO). This roster will be used to nominate colleagues as speakers, reviewers, and contacts for substantive issues from an international perspective.

Peace Corps

Were you in the Peace Corps? The Office of International Affairs is developing a contact list of psychologists who have served in the Peace Corps (either before or after becoming a psychologist). Please send contact information in an e-mail with the subject line "Peace Corps" to Merry Bullock.

Fulbright Programs

Read about Fulbright experiences from 100 psychologists who participated in the 2008 APA Fulbright-at-Convention program and who describe their experiences in Fulbright Fellowship Opportunities — A Window on the World (PDF, 2.14 MB). For a list of the current U.S. Fulbright Scholars in Psychology, visit the Fulbright Scholar Program website.

APA — Representation Outside the U.S.

APA officers, staff and governance members regularly participate in conferences and meetings outside the U.S.

Research Briefs

In 2006 APA began a series of Research Briefs to provide brief research synopses of psychological research relevant to the United Nations mission and current global issues.