Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology Outside the US

I want to learn more about psychology in other countries. How can I begin?

  • Contact national psychology associations. The Office of International Affairs provides contact information for over eighty national psychology associations and societies. You can find a directory of national associations on the Office’s website.

  • Look in your library. There are a number of recently published handbooks of international psychology that have chapters describing psychology in regions of the world.

Is it possible to join an international psychology association?

While some organizations have only institutional members (for example, the International Union of Psychological Science), there are numerous specialized international psychology organizations with individual memberships. In addition to providing a means to contact colleagues who share your interests, membership benefits often include reduced journal subscriptions and conference fees. A directory of international psychology organizations is available on the Office of International Affairs website.

I would like to attend an international conference. How can I find out about psychology meetings around the world?

A calendar of international psychology conferences and congresses is available on the Office of International Affairs website. The calendar includes meetings taking place internationally, and it also includes US-based meetings that attract international attendees — including APA’s annual convention.

If you have any additional questions you would like to see answered, please contact us by email with FAQ in the subject line.