International Networks and Databases

APA's Office of International Affairs maintains a listing of Web and email networks related to psychology. Please contact us with any new additions.

  • APA/United Nations Listserv®
    An announce-only Listserv® with information about events at the U.N. relevant to psychologists.

  • Healthnet
    Information relevant to psychologists. A resource from the International Union of Psychological Science.

  • Health Research for Development (HR4D-net)
    A global email discussion group dedicated to promoting health research to improve the health of people in developing countries. This group offers an opportunity to network and exchange ideas with people from the public and private sectors who are actively working on and advocating research for health.

  • International Network for the Availability of Scientific Resources (INASP) 
    Aims to enable a sustainable network of stakeholders that owns and drives access, use, dissemination and communication of research information.

  • INET: International Network on Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Concerns & Transgender Issues in Psychology
    Composed of international psychological associations cooperating to increase cross-cultural collaboration among psychological researchers and practitioners who are concerned about the mental health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations.

  • InterTOP: International Teaching of Psychology Network
    The network aims to foster international communication among teachers, scholars and researchers in the fields of psychology teaching and training.

  • Psychology Resources Around the World (IUPsyS) 
    Developed by the International Union for Psychological Science (IUPsyS), this Web resource is a compendium of information on psychology in every country around the world. It includes country overview articles, links to data and publication archives, information on institutions, organizations and structures of psychology and more.

  • Psycho-Social Well-Being for Development Listserv® (World Bank) 
    Managed by the World Bank, this Listserv® discusses issues related to the mental health of persons with disabilities living in developing countries. 

  • Redalyc
    This is an electronic library project, working under Open Access supported by the University of State of Mexico. It has more than 400 IberoAmerican scientific journals with about 70,000 free, full-text articles in PDF format and universal access.

  • Social Psychology Network
    Dedicated to psychological research and teaching, this website contains thousands of links to psychology resources, including international organizations and a directory of social psychologists around the world.

  • South Asian Psychological Networking Association (SAPNA)
    A networking association dedicated to connecting scientist-practitioners invested in the psychological concerns of South Asians and South Asian Americans.

  • Taiwan Psychology Network
    The Taiwan Psychology Network (TPN) promotes collaboration and networking among psychologists in Taiwan and the U.S. and contributes to the training and education of Taiwanese/Taiwanese American mental health professionals.