APA Membership Certificates and Plaques

Proudly Display Your Connection to APA

Order a certificate or plaque for your home or your office or both. The APA certificate or plaque is the perfect way to show your pride in your profession.

The certificates are signed by the APA president and the plaques come in a handsome walnut finish, both are available to members, associate members, student affiliates, community college teacher affiliates, high school teacher affiliates and international affiliates.

Certificates and plaques are personalized with your name, highest degree title, and the date you became a member or affiliate of the American Psychological Association.

Members and affiliates within the U.S.
Certificate - $25
Walnut Finish Plaque - $50

Members and affiliates outside the U.S.
Certificate - $50
Walnut Finish Plaque - $70

Prices include shipping and handling and are subject to change without notice. Please allow four to six weeks for orders in the U.S. and six to eight weeks for orders outside the U.S.