APA Graduate Student Affiliates

Congratulations on Your Doctorate in Psychology

Officially upgrade your APA membership status from graduate student affiliate to full Member at no extra cost to youIn recognition of your recent achievement, you are now eligible to officially upgrade your APA membership status from graduate student affiliate to full member at no extra cost to you for the remainder of this year. The only requirement is that your student affiliate dues are current. It is APA's way of congratulating you on a job well done!

Upgrade Today

Take Your Rightful Place in APA

Get the recognition you deserve and have rightfully earned to become a full-voting member of your professional organization. 

Act Now

Complete the Membership Upgrade Application online today. APA requires student affiliates to upgrade their membership to full-member status immediately upon receipt of their doctorate degree, so please act now. 

No Cost Now and Over 60 Percent Off Next Year

Remember, you can upgrade now at no extra cost for the remainder of this year. And there's more – APA's new dues step-up program will keep your dues at very affordable levels for the next several years (in 2013 first-year members saved 60 percent — paying only $99 of the $247 basic member rate). 

You Owe It to Yourself

Be acknowledged for your recent accomplishment — receiving your doctorate in psychology — APA salutes your commitment and dedication to the discipline. Upgrading your membership is a way of allowing others to celebrate your success as well.

Get Connected

Get Connected and Get Involved

Now that you have received your doctorate and upgrade to full member in APA, here are some things you can do:

  • Committee on Early Career Psychologists — Focused on the needs and concerns of early career members.

  • APA Early Career Psychologist Listserv® — A network with more than 1,200 of your peers from around the country and in nearly every subfield. To join, send an email to connect with your peers and be a part of the online discussion on topics that matter to you! Plus, visit the early career website for great information.

  • APA Early Career Psychologists Leadership Network — Join the email list of early career leaders in APA, divisions and state associations. Visit the ECPLN website for details on how to join.

  • APA Annual Convention — The ultimate networking opportunity where you can meet face-to-face with leaders in every subfield of psychology and connect with more than a thousand other early career psychologists at specialized sessions, social events, award ceremonies and much more.

APA’s PsycCareers offers new features and provides you with:
  • Career management tips.
  • In the know insight on what employers need and where your skills fit. 
  • Direct engagement with employers and recruiters. 
  • Personal and confidential account to research jobs right away. 
  • Sign up for the PsycCareers LIVE career fair during the APA convention in Washington, D.C., Aug. 7–10, 2014 for career and professional development. resources, including social media, webinars and in-person networking, discussions and panels.
Visit PsycCareers to search jobs right away and sign up for career fair participation.