March 2008 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 39 No. 3

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Deep space psych

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Ethics from an international perspective: Notes from Hong Kong

Speaking with our colleagues from around the world can deepen our understanding of ethics and help us more fully appreciate the values and perspectives we bring to our work.

Katherine C. Nordal, PhD


APA welcomes its new practice director

Katherine C. Nordal is praised for her long history as an independent practitioner and prominent leader in APA governance.

Preventing harassment at schools

Peter Goldblum helps elementary schools promote respect and acceptance of diversity.

Warding off dementia

New research by psychologists identifies ways people can protect their brains as they age.

Air travel: The next generation

NASA-funded psychologists are working to ensure the future's more crowded skies stay safe.

Why airplanes crash

Errors blamed on experts such as airline pilots are most often manifestations of inherent limitations in the air transport system.

Unfriendly skies

Air travel post-9/11 can be a perilous journey for passengers with mental illnesses.

Making your practice click

How psychologists can establish a presence online.

Psychology 101, on demand

In what could be the wave of the future, Webcasting tools give students more control over their learning.

Building better psych departments

These benchmarks help undergraduate psychology programs improve their program assessments.

Changing behaviors by degrees

The planet's future hangs in the balance, and psychology could help tip it one way or the other.

Getting back to the great outdoors

With children spending less time in nature than ever before, the biggest victim may be Mother Earth. Psychologists are helping kids connect.

Recycling is for the birds

Zoo gets a makeover with the help of a green-minded psychologist.

Every little bit helps

Psychologists are going green with these planet-pleasing practices.

Restoring nature's footprint

APA is installing a rooftop garden that will provide ecological and psychological benefits.

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Making disability issues a priority

APA staff and members work to ensure that disability issues are reflected in public policy and research agendas.


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