Cover Story

Jennifer Taylor, PhD, works in a major up-and-coming area for psychologists: program design and evaluation.

"It's the best job in the world for the training I received," says Taylor. Between her graduate degree at Claremont Graduate University and a postdoc at the University of California, Los Angeles, Taylor gained expertise in cognitive psychology, memory and aging and evaluation--all of which fed into her current position.

As chief research officer for Green Ribbon Health, in Tampa, Fla., Taylor helped to design a program that provides holistic care for older patients. The program uses research to design and improve strategies and coordinates care for patients, who often have up to 13 doctors and are on eight or more medications, Taylor says.

"We're really able to come in and coordinate care for that person and to communicate with their whole health-care team about what is going on with their treatment," she says.

The program is one of several Medicare Health Support pilot projects that have the potential to be used on a national scale.

Taylor also sets Green Ribbon's research agenda and says she is thrilled with the opportunity to apply her degree in such a significant way.

"Being able to provide data-driven solutions in applied industry has been very exciting for me," she says. "I really like that people want to know what you've discovered and how it can be implemented."

-T. DeAngelis