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Goodman gives $10K for APF's Visionary Funds

Morris Goodman, PhD, has contributed $10,000 to support projects and programs that help explore and strengthen the connections between mental and physical health; understand and prevent violence to create a safer, more humane world; and support sustained efforts in psychological recovery in the aftermath of disaster.

"APF, especially under the leadership of Dorothy Cantor, is setting a magnificent template for encouraging young talent," says Goodman. "I am delighted to be a part of that."

Goodman is a past president of the New Jersey Psychological Association and former chair of APA's Committee of Professional Practice. He played an active role in the Organizing Council for the School of Professional Psychology at Rutgers University in 1974.

For more information on APA's Visionary Funds, visit APF's Web page.

$10,000 grants are available for disaster recovery efforts

APF will offer a grant of up to $10,000 in 2008 for programs that use psychology to aid in the aftermath of disasters or crises. APF seeks to support programs that target the emotional and psychological needs of people and communities as they strive to recover and rebuild. For more information, visit APF's Web site. The deadline is July 1.

Apply for APF visionary grants

Nonprofit organizations and individuals who use psychology to enrich lives are eligible to apply for APF's multicycle visionary grants of up to $15,000 payable over three years.

Grants must conform to one or more of APF's visionary funding priorities (see article above).

The proposal deadline is Sept. 1. For more information, visit APF's Web page.

Funding available for counseling psychology programs

Each year, APF and Div. 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) provide up to $5,000 in grants to support nonprofit activities that enhance the science and practice of counseling psychology. Applicants must be members of Div. 17. The next deadline is Sept. 1. For more information, visit APF's Web page.

Funding for dissertations on serious mental illness

APF is accepting applications for the 2008 $2,000 Todd E. Husted Award, which recognizes an individual whose dissertation shows potential to help improve mental health services for those with severe and persistent mental illness. The application deadline is Sept. 15.

--E. Merck, I. Ramos and D. Schwartz

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APF funding opportunities

For more information, contact Idalia Ramos, APF program director, at (202) 336-5814 or e-mail.