APA's divisions and affiliated student groups are hosting these not-to-be-missed sessions at APA's Annual Convention in Boston, Aug. 14-17. A full list of convention sessions will appear in the Convention Program, which will be sent in July to those who have registered in advance. The program is also available at the APA Convention Web site.

Div. 1 (Society for General Psychology)

  • "Prader-Willi Syndrome and the Evolution of Human Childhood," David Haig, PhD. Chair: Nancy L. Segal, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Decision-making Through the Lens of Evolutionary Psychology." Chair: Sarah E. Hill, PhD. Participants: Kristina Durante, Norman P. Li, PhD, James Roney, PhD, Nancy L. Segal, PhD, Joshua Ackerman, PhD, Sarah E. Hill, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Experimental Game Theory and Behavioral Genetics," David Cesarini, PhD. Chair: Nancy L. Segal, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology)

  • "Power of Time Perspective on Your Decisions and National Destinies," Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD. Chair: Maureen A. McCarthy, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Teaching Is Learning," Maureen A. McCarthy, PhD. Chair: William F. Buskist, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • Social hour Aug. 16.

Div. 3 (Experimental)

  • "Hippocampus and Memory-A Symposium in Honor of Helen Mahut." Chair: Mark Moss, PhD. Participants: Suzanne Corkin, PhD, Mark Moss, PhD, Stuart Zola, PhD, Jocelyne Bachevalier, PhD, Marilyn Albert, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Ear Infections, Taste Perception and Obesity-Unexpected Connections." Chair: Linda M. Bartoshuk, PhD. Participants: Linda M. Bartoshuk, PhD, Derek Snyder, Kathleen Daly, PhD, Howard Hoffman, PhD, John Hayes, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "From Eye to Brain and Back Again." Chair: Jeremy M. Wolfe, PhD. Participants: James DiCarlo, PhD, Pawan Sinha, PhD, Peter H. Schiller, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 5 (Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics)

  • "Measuring the Current and Future Lives of College Student Athletes." Co-chairs: John J. McArdle, PhD, James S. Jackson, PhD. Participants: John J. McArdle, PhD, Thomas S. Paskus, PhD, James S. Jackson, PhD. Discussant: Keith F. Widaman, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Quantitative Methodology Viewed Through an Ethical Lens." Co-chairs: Abigail T. Panter, PhD, Sonya Sterba. Participants: Sonya Sterba, Michael C. Edwards, PhD, Melvin M. Mark, PhD, John J. McArdle, PhD, Geoff Cumming, DPhil, Laura Leviton, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Training in Quantitative Psychology and Methods." Chair: Neal Schmitt, PhD. Participants: Todd D. Little, PhD, Ted Walls, PhD, Abigail T. Panter, PhD. Discussant: Lisa L. Harlow, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 6 (Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative)

  • "Estrogen for Healthy Cognitive Aging-Today's Treatment or Yesterday's News?" Chair: Karyn M. Frick, PhD. Participants: John H. Morrison, PhD, Karyn M. Frick, PhD, Agnes Lacreuse, PhD, Barbara B. Sherwin, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Developmental Plasticity and the Origins of Risk and Resilience." Chair: Christina L. Williams, PhD. Participants: Frances A. Champagne, PhD, Staci D. Bilbo, PhD, Susan L. Andersen, PhD, Christina L. Williams, PhD. Discussant: Stephen J. Suomi, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Sleep-Dependent Memory Consolidation and Neural Plasticity." Chair: Warren H. Meck, PhD. Participants: Subimal Datta, PsyD, Warren H. Meck, PhD. Discussant: Matthew Wilson, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 7 (Developmental)

  • "Child Maltreatment and Memory," Gail S. Goodman, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "When Do Families Change?" Gerald R. Patterson, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Narratives of Developing Minds," Katherine Nelson, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 8 (Society for Personality and Social Psychology)

  • "Navigating a Diverse World-Strategic Considerations in Interracial Interaction." Chair: Evan P. Apfelbaum. Participants: Hilary B. Bergsieker, Evan P. Apfelbaum, Adam. R. Pearson, Laura G. Babbitt. Discussant: J. Nicole Shelton, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "The How of Happiness: Can We Become Lastingly Happier?" Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Moral Judgment and Intergroup Relations-How We Feel About 'Them.'" Chair: David DeSteno, PhD. Participant: Mina Cikara, Piercarlo Valdesolo, Jesse Graham, David Pizarro, PhD. Discussant: Joshua Greene, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 9 (Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues)

  • "Peace Psychology-State of the Art and Science." Chair: Daniel J. Christie, PhD. Participants: Daniel J. Christie, PhD, Naomi Lee, Anie Kalayjian, EdD, Brandon Hamber, PhD, Michael Wessells, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Hate Crimes-Psychological Research, Legislation and Their Connections." Chair: Allen M. Omoto, PhD. Participants: Sara McClelland, Jeanine Cogan, PhD, Carrie A. Langner, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Psychologists, Psychology and Social Activism in the Interest of Promoting Human Welfare." Co-chairs: Bernice Lott, PhD, Rhoda K. Unger, PhD. Participants: Rhoda K. Unger, PhD, Heather E. Bullock, PhD, Albert J. Lott, PhD, Bernice Lott, PhD, Shara Sand, PsyD. Discussant: Allen M. Omoto, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 10 (Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts)

  • "Walking Backwards Into the Future-Distinguished Scholars Reflect on Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts." Chair: Jeffrey K. Smith, PhD. Participants: Gerald Cupchik, PhD, Thomas Jacobsen, PhD, Nathan Kogan, PhD, Helmut Leder, PhD, Paul J. Locher, PhD, Jerome Singer, PhD, Robert J. Sternberg, PhD, Ellen Winner, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "New Thoughts on Creativity Assessment." Chair: James C. Kaufman, PhD. Participants: Zorana Ivcevic, PhD, James C. Kaufman, PhD, Ruth Richards, PhD, Ronald A. Beghetto, PhD, Roberta M. Milgram, EdD. Discussant: Jonathan A. Plucker, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Facing the Future-New Voices in Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts." Chair: Lisa F. Smith, EdD. Participants: Christine Charyton, PhD, Thalia R. Goldstein, Michelle Hilscher, Igor Juricevic, PhD, Scott B. Kaufman, Aaron Kozbelt, PhD, Paul Silvia, PhD, Pablo Tinio, Aug. 17.

Div. 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology)

  • "Why Science Matters to Clinicians Even if They Don't Know It," Larry E. Beutler, PhD. Chair: Irving B. Weiner, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Relaxation Response: How to Counteract the Harmful Effects of Stress," Herbert Benson, MD. Co-chairs: Elizabeth A. Klonoff, PhD, William Robiner, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Glamour of Assessment Psychology," Irving B. Weiner, PhD. Chair: John C. Norcross, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 13 (Society of Consulting Psychology)

  • "Aligning Organizations for Performance and Commitment-The Links Among Strategy, Structure and People Processes." Chair: Mitchell Dickey, PhD. Participants: Michael Beer, PhD, Mitchell Dickey, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "To the Desert and Back: How Large-Scale Events Can Transform a Business," Phil Mirvis, PhD. Chair: Rick Greentree, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Working at the Intersection: Insights from an Academic-Consultant Collaboration About Senior Leadership Teams," J. Richard Hackman, PhD. Chair: Skipton Leonard, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 14 (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology)

  • "Connecting the Dots: Individual Versus Team Approaches to Intelligence Analysis," J. Richard Hackman, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Learning Versus Performance Goals: Further Developments in Goal-Setting Theory," Gary P. Latham, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Evidence-Based Practice in I/O-Lessons for Other Psychology Disciplines?" Co-chairs: Richard J. Klimoski, PhD, Vicki V. Vandaveer, PhD. Discussant: Robert L. Dipboye, PhD, Deirdre Knapp, PhD, Eduardo Salas, PhD, Janet L. Barnes Farrell, PhD, Jose M. Cortina, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 15 (Educational)

  • "Psychology of Academic Integrity-Understanding and Preventing Student Cheating." Co-chairs: Sharon L. Nichols, PhD, David A. Rettinger, PhD. Participants: David A. Rettinger, PhD, Gregory Schraw, PhD, Jason M. Stephens, PhD. Discussant: Tamera B. Murdock, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Div. 15 Presidents and Members Honor Merlin Wittrock-Audience Remembrances Invited." Co-chairs: Frank Farley, PhD, Claire Ellen Weinstein, PhD. Participants: Lyn Corno, PhD, Robert E. Grinder, EdD, Richard E. Mayer, PhD, Wilbert McKeachie, PhD, Harold F. O'Neil, PhD, Ray S. Perez, PhD, Sigmund Tobias, PhD, Barry J. Zimmerman, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Wisdom, Intelligence and Creativity: A Model of Instruction and Assessment in Higher Education," Robert J. Sternberg, PhD. Chair Eric Anderman, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 16 (School)

  • "Universal Screening for Behavioral and Emotional Problems at School." Co-chairs: Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD, Christine DiStefano, PhD. Participants: Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD, Erin Dowdy, PhD, Christine DiStefano, PhD, Meghan VanDeventer, Kristen L. Mays, Alnita R. Dunn, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Multisystemic Intervention for ADHD: Innovations in Urban Settings." Chair: Thomas J. Power, PhD. Participants: Marc S. Atkins, PhD, Steven W. Evans, PhD, Thomas J. Power, PhD. Discussant: George J. DuPaul, PhD, Aug. 17.

  • "What Makes a High School Safe From Bullying and Violence?" Chair: Dewey G. Cornell, PhD. Participants: Anne Gregory, PhD, Aisha Thompson, Megan Eliot, Sharmila Bandyopadhyay. Discussant: Michael J. Furlong, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology)

  • "NIMH Funding and the Counseling Psychologist."

Co-chairs: Richard M. Lee, PhD, Elizabeth A. Skowron, PhD. Participant: Cheryl A. Boyce, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Leadership, Training, Perspectives in Internationalization of Counseling Psychology." Co-chairs: Tina Richardson, PhD, Changming Duan, PhD. Participant: Janet E. Helms, PhD, S. Alvin Leung, PhD, Tina Richardson, PhD, Arlette N. Atioky, Puncky P. Heppner, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Contributions of Bruce Wampold to Psychotherapy Research." Chair: Michael J. Scheel, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 18 (Psychologists in Public Service)

  • "Prospective Predictors of Resilience in OIF Deployed National Guard Soldiers." Co-chairs: Melissa A. Polusny, PhD, Paul A. Arbisi, PhD. Participants: Melissa A. Polusny, PhD, Christopher R. Erbes, PhD, Paul A. Arbisi, PhD, Amanda G. Ferrier Auerbach, PhD. Discussant: Brett T. Litz, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Innovative Approaches to Geriatric Mental Health Care in the Veterans Health Administration." Chair: Bradley E. Karlin, PhD. Participants: Bradley E. Karlin, PhD, Thomas Edes, MD, Christa Hojlo, PhD, Frederick J. Kier, PhD. Discussant: Antonette Zeiss, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Special Topics in Law Enforcement Psychology." Co-Chairs: Heidi L. Ardern, PhD, Abigail S. Tucker, PsyD. Participants: Heidi L. Ardern, PhD, Lisa B. Magazine, PhD, Kari M. Schlessinger, PhD, PsyD, Abigail S. Tucker, PsyD. Discussant: Monica J. Beer, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 19 (Society for Military Psychology)

  • "Managing the Psychological Impact of Combat-Soldiers, Units and Leaders." Co-chairs: Amy B. Adler, PhD, Carl A. Castro, PhD. Participants: Carl A. Castro, PhD, Paul D. Bliese, PhD, Amy B. Adler, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Project STAY-Developing Models and Interventions Supporting Army Career Continuance." Chair: Trueman R. Tremble, PhD. Participants: Mark C. Young, PhD, Howard M. Weiss, PhD, U.C. Kubisiak, PhD, Jeff W. Johnson, PhD. Discussant: Bruce R. Orvis, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Post-Combat Adjustment and Psychological Health in Military Personnel." Participants: Donald R. McCreary, PhD, David A. Shwalb, Thomas A. Wrobel, PhD, Paul Y. Kim, Kathleen M. Wright, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 20 (Adult Development and Aging)

  • "Heartaches and Headaches in Midlife-The Impact of Untimely Stressors." Chair: Kathrin Boerner, PhD. Participants: Daniela Jopp, PhD, Kathrin Boerner, PhD, Jen D. Wong, George A. Bonanno, PhD. Discussant: Margie E. Lachman, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Once Again, With Feeling-Engagement Enhances Older Adults' Cognitive Skills." Chair: Elizabeth M. Zelinski, PhD. Participants: Robin L. West, PhD, Elizabeth A.L. Stine-Morrow, PhD, Elizabeth M. Zelinski, PhD. Discussant: Christopher K. Hertzog, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Social Neuroscience and Aging." Co-chairs: Angela H. Gutchess, PhD, Elizabeth A. Kensinger, PhD. Participant: Heather L. Urry, PhD, Elizabeth A. Kensinger, PhD, Angela H. Gutchess, PhD, Denise C. Park, PhD. Discussant: Fredda Blanchard-Fields, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 21 (Applied Experimental and Engineering)

  • "Moving Beyond the Status Quo: Using Human Factors and Psychology to Change the Conversation About Health Care Quality and Safety," Ben-Tzion Karsh, PhD. Chair: Frank A. Drews, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "From Vacuum Tubes to Nanochips and Beyond: Changing Challenges to Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology in the Information Age," Raymond Nickerson, PhD. Chair: Francis T. Durso, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "From Charm School to Threat and Error Management: The Evolution of Human Factors Training in Aviation and Medicine," Robert Helmreich, PhD. Chair: Scott A. Shappell, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 22 (Rehabilitation)

  • "Rehabilitation Psychology and OIF/OEF Service Members-Meeting the Needs of Individuals, Teams and System." Co-chairs: Kathleen S. Brown, PhD, Lisa A. Brenner, PhD. Participants: Pamela J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, Lisa A. Brenner, PhD, Harriet Zeiner, PhD. Discussant: William Stiers, PhD, David S. Riggs, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Conceptualizing the Role of Engagement for Successful Health Interventions." Chair: Maggi A. Budd, PhD. Participants: Anthony H. Lequerica, PhD, Richard L. Skolasky Jr., DSc, Kate B. Kortte, PhD, Maggi A. Budd, PhD. Discussant: Stephen T. Wegener, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Lessons Learned Conducting Treatment Trials in People with Neurological Disabilities." Chair: Charles H. Bombardier, PhD. Participants: Dawn Ehde, PhD, Steven D. Vannoy, PhD, Charles H. Bombardier, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 23 (Society for Consumer Psychology)

  • "Consumer Goal Pursuit and Spend-Save Decisions." Participants: Gergana Nenkov, PhD, Leona Tam, PhD, Miriam Tatzel, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Overcoming Consumer Health Concerns." Participants: Mark S. Rosenbaum, PhD, Magdalena Cismaru, PhD, Mary Katherine Brock, Aug. 14.

  • "Consumption and Overconsumption." Participants: Wenbin Sun, Sunghwan Yi, PhD, Arch G. Woodside, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 24 (Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology)

  • "Overcoming Violence-Levinas, Girard and Hermeneutics." Chair: Frank C. Richardson, PhD. Participants: David M. Goodman, Scott Garrels, PhD, Frank C. Richardson, PhD, Alvin Dueck, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Author Meets Critics-Dialogue Regarding Barbara Held's 'Psychology's Interpretive Turn.'" Chair: Alan C. Tjeltveit, PhD. Participants: Barbara S. Held, PhD, Jack Martin, PhD, Blaine J. Fowers, PhD, Brent D. Slife, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Critical Psychology Issues." Co-chairs: Thomas Teo, PhD, Dennis Fox, PhD. Participant: Isaac Prilleltensky, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 25 (Behavior Analysis)

  • "Changing the Way the World Works: Helping Business Discover the Science of Behavior," Aubrey C. Daniels, PhD. Chair: Eric A. Jacobs, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "New Treatment Strategies for Problem and Pathological Gambling," Nancy M. Petry, PhD. Chair: Eric A. Jacobs, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Contributions of Behavior Analysis to Our Understanding of the Etiology, Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse," Charles R. Schuster, PhD. Chair: Mark P. Reilly, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 26 (Society for the History of Psychology)

  • "Restoring the Power of Choice: William James's Place in Psychology," Robert D. Richardson, PhD. Chair: Karl Scheibe, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Psychology's Two Cultures," Jerome Kagan, PhD. Chair: Russell D. Kosits, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "From Mind-Cure to the Placebo Effect: How America Came to Believe," Anne Harrington, PhD. Chair: Deborah F. Johnson, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 27 (Society for Community Research and Action)

  • "Ethical Pitfalls in Research With Diverse Groups-Ageism, Ableism, Ethnocentrism." Chair: Pauline E. Ginsberg, PhD. Participants: Katrina Bledsoe, PhD, Karen Szala-Meneok, PhD, Martin Sullivan, PhD, Bagele Chilisa, EdD, Aug. 14.

  • "Comprehensive School Change as a Primary Prevention Strategy-A Multiyear Longitudinal Study of Systemic Change." Chair: Stephen Brand, PhD. Participants: Robert D. Felner, PhD, Stephen Brand, PhD, Anne Seitsinger, PhD, Amy Burns, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Methods for Community Research." Chair: G. Anne Bogat, PhD. Participants: David B. Henry, PhD, Leonard A. Jason, PhD, William L. Hathaway, PhD, Anthony T. LoSasso, PhD. Discussant: Warren Tryon, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 28 (Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse)

  • "Recent Advances in the Development of Medications for Drug Abuse Treatment." Co-chairs: Jane B. Acri, PhD, Nancy K. Mello, PhD. Participants: Frank J. Vocci, PhD, Leonard L. Howell, PhD, Richard W. Foltin, PhD, James H. Woods, PhD, Richard B. Rothman, MD, PhD, Jane B. Acri, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Interactions among Environment, Behavior and the Nervous System." Chair: Richard W. Foltin, PhD. Participants: Linda A. Dykstra, PhD, Klaus A. Miczek, PhD, James M. O'Donnell, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Gender-Specific Effects of Childhood Trauma on Addiction Outcomes." Co-chair: Rajita Sinha, PhD, Scott M. Hyman, PhD. Participants: Cathy S. Widom, PhD, Alain Gratton, PhD, Scott M. Hyman, PhD. Discussant: Rajita Sinha, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 29 (Psychotherapy)

  • "MySpace, YouTube, Psychotherapy and Professional Relationships-Crisis or Opportunity?" Chair: Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD. Participants: Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, Keren Lehavot, David P. Powers, PhD. Discussant: Stephen Behnke, JD, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • Social hour: "Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Division of Psychotherapy," Aug. 15.

  • "Lunch with the Masters-For Graduate Students and Early-Career Psychologists," Aug. 16.

Div. 30 (Society of Psychological Hypnosis)

  • "Ego States Therapy and Hypnoanalysis." Chair: Arreed Barabasz, PhD. Participants: Ian Wickramasekera II, PsyD, Claire Frederick, MD, Maggie Phillips, PhD, Max P. Shapiro, PhD. Discussant: Arreed Barabasz, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Waistland-Hypnotic Imagery Techniques for Weight Loss, Health and Fitness." Chair: Ian Wickramasekera II, PsyD. Participant: Deirdre Barrett, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Future of Hypnosis," Irving Kirsch, PhD. Chair: Guy Montgomery, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 31 (State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs)

  • "State Trends in Training and Credentialing Psychologist Disaster Responders." Chair: Kit O'Neill, PhD. Participants: Kurt Jensen, PsyD, Rick Allen, PhD, Raymond F. Hanbury, PhD. Discussant: Sandra G. Wartski, PsyD, Aug. 14.

  • "Advancing Ethics Education by State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations-Directions and Strategies." Chair: Michael J. Murphy, PhD. Participants: Stephen Behnke, JD, PhD, Linda F. Campbell, PhD. Discussants: Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD, Nanci C. Klein, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Developing Telepsychology Guidelines for a State Psychological Association." Chair: Ky Heinlen, PhD. Discussants: Kenneth Drude, PhD, Audrey E. Ellenwood, PhD, Paule Steichen Asch, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 32 (Society for Humanistic Psychology)

  • "Humanizing an Inhumane World: Daniel Goleman in Conversation with Frank Farley on Emotional Intelligence, More." Frank Farley, PhD, Chair; Daniel J. Goleman, PhD, Aug. 17

  • "A Conversation With Aaron T. Beck and Frank Farley." Participants: Aaron T. Beck, MD, Frank Farley, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Humanizing an Inhumane World-Humanistic Presidents Seek Solutions." Chair: Frank Farley, Ph.D. Participants: David J. Cain, PhD, Scott Churchill, PhD, Arthur Lyons, PhD, Maureen O'Hara, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 33 (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)

  • "Early Autism Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Subtyping-Findings From Record Reviews." Co-chairs: Jonathan M. Campbell, PhD, Laura Lee McIntyre, PhD. Participants: Catherine E. Rice, PhD, Aila K. Dommestrup, Leah K. Wildenger, Lauren A. Jones, PhD. Discussants: Catherine E. Rice, PhD, Jonathan M. Campbell, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Intellectual Disability and the Death Penalty-Current and Future Contributions of Psychologists in Atkins Cases." Chair: J. Gregory Olley, PhD. Participants: Karen L. Salekin, PhD, Joel A. Dvoskin, PhD, Lane Liroff, JD, Aug. 15.

  • "Adaptive Behavior-Understanding the Construct and Its Measurement." Chair: Marc J. Tasse, PhD. Participants: Giulia Balboni, PhD, Marc J. Tasse, PhD, Keith F. Widaman, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 34 (Population and Environment)

  • "To the Moon and Mars-Psychology of Long-Duration Space Exploration." Chair: Douglas A. Vakoch, PhD. Participants: Marc A. Shepanek, PhD, Phyllis J. Johnson, PhD, Peter Suedfeld, PhD, James A. Carter, PhD. Discussants: Edna R. Fiedler, PhD, Uwe P. Gielen, PhD, Walter Sipes, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Psychologists' Contributions to Health and Resilience in Conservation Settings." Chair: Thomas J. Doherty, PsyD. Participants: Victor Pantesco, PhD, Thomas J. Doherty, PsyD, John R. Fraser, Julie S. Johnson-Pynn, PhD, Aug. 17.

  • "Growing up Green: The Development of Responsible Environmental Behavior," Louise Chawla, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women)

  • "Women and War-Combat-Related Stressors and Health." Chair: Carl A. Castro, PhD. Participants: Penny F. Pierce, PhD, Lisa M. Lewandowski, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Girls and Women-Inspirations and Challenges." Chair: Pam Remer, PhD. Participants: Carol Enns, PhD, Pam Remer, PhD, Roberta L. Nutt, PhD. Discussant: Connie R. Matthews, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "To Have and to Hurt-The Development of Adolescent Dating Violence." Chair: Jacquelyn White, PhD. Participant: David Wolfe, PhD, Marion K. Underwood, PhD, Paige Hall-Smith, PhD. Discussant: Eileen Zurbriggen, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 36 (Psychology of Religion)

  • "Integrating Spirituality and Culture in Working With Culturally Diverse Youth." Co-chairs: Luis A. Vargas, PhD, Joan D. Koss-Chioino, PhD. Participants: Joan D. Koss-Chioino, PhD, Hector Rivera Lopez, PhD, Candace M. Fleming, PhD. Discussant: Luis A. Vargas, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Women and Spirituality-Freeing, Affirmative Creativity and Actualization." Co-chairs: Carole A. Rayburn, PhD, Lillian Comas-Diaz, PhD. Participants: Darlene Prestbo, Lillian Comas-Diaz, PhD, Mary Anne Siderits, PhD, Renate Wewerka, PhD, Aphrodite Clamar, PhD. Discussant: Beverly Greene, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Psychology of Religious Terrorism," James W. Jones, PhD, Aug. 16

Div. 37 (Child and Family Policy and Practice)

  • "Collaboration Toward Increasing Evidence-Based Practice." Chair: John E. Lochman, PhD. Participants: Anne E. Kazak, PhD, John R. Weisz, PhD, Karen C. Stoiber, PhD, Patrick H. Tolan, PhD. Discussant: John E. Lochman, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "New Data on Child Abuse Trends and the Implications for Child Well-Being-Reviews, Reactions and Recommendations." Chair: Sharon G. Portwood, PhD, JD. Participants: Lisa M. Jones, PhD, Mark Chaffin, PhD, Patrick H. Tolan, PhD, Sharon G. Portwood, PhD, JD. Discussant: Janet Saul, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Reducing Disparities for Culturally Diverse Children--Research, Practice and Policy Intersections." Chair: Julie M. Levitt, PhD. Participants: Margarita Alegría, PhD, Anna S. Lau, PhD, Amy West, PhD, Bertha Holliday, PhD, Larke Nahme Huang, PhD. Discussant: Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 38 (Health)

  • "Rationale, Development and Scope of Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Medicine, Psychiatry and Psychology," Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. Chair: Tu Anh Ngo, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "How Stress Kills: New Perspectives from Psychoneuroimmunology," Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD. Chair: Beverly Thorn, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Embodying Inequality: The Science and Challenges of Research on Racism, Class and Health Inequities-An Ecosocial Perspective," Nancy Krieger, PhD. Chair: Julie Wagner, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 39 (Psychoanalysis)

  • "Erotic and Otherwise-Gay and Lesbian Analysts Discuss Transference and Countertransference Experiences With Heterosexual Patients of the Opposite Sex." Chair: John Rosario-Perez, PsyD. Participants: Carolyn Stack, PsyD, David Schwartz, PhD, Ronnie Lesser, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Psychoanalysis at the Extremes of Human Experience." Chair: Ghislaine Boulanger, PhD. Participants: Ghislaine Boulanger, PhD, Ilene Cohen, PhD, Frances S. Anderson, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Doctor, What About Pills? Psychoanalytic Thought and Medication." Co-chairs: Stefanie Solow Glennon, PhD, David Downing, PsyD. Participants: William A. MacGillivray, PhD, Grace E. Jackson, MD, Toni V. Heineman, DMH, Diane Ehrensaft, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology)

  • "Constructive Memory: Episodic Simulation of Future Events," Daniel Schacter, PhD, Aug. 17.

  • "Neuropsychological Outcomes of War-Zone Deployment," Jennifer J. Vasterling, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Population Screening for TBI in Post-deployed OIF/OEF Veterans--A Double-Edged Sword." Chair: Heather G. Belanger, PhD. Participant: Rodney D. Vanderploeg, PhD. Discussant: Rose C. Collins, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 41 (American Psychology-Law Society)

  • "Boston Police Study-Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System." Co-chairs: Albert J. Grudzinskas Jr., JD, Jonathan C. Clayfield. Participants: William H. Fisher, PhD, Albert J. Grudzinskas Jr., JD, Jonathan C. Clayfield, Gabriela Fernandez, Nathan Cook, Lorna Simon. Discussant: Gina Vincent, PhD, Hon. Maurice H. Richardson, JD, Aug. 14.

  • "Changing Legal World of the Juvenile Offender-AAFP Symposium." Chair: Matt C. Zaitchik, PhD. Participants: Frank DiCataldo, PhD, Don Whitworth, PhD, Matt C. Zaitchik, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Diversity in Psychology and Law." Chair: Veronica Stinson, PhD. Participants: Brenda Russell, PhD, Frances C. Sothmann, Brooke Butler, PhD, Julia C. Busso, Aug. 16.

Div. 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice)

  • "Conquering Your Newbie Fears-Taking the Plunge Into Independent Practice." Chair: Debbie Klingender, PhD. Participants: Lori B. Wagner, PsyD, Debbie Klingender, PhD, Anthony W. Tanona, PsyD, Kenneth R. Liberatore, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Psychologists in Independent Practice-Practice Management Issues." Chair: Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD. Participants: Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD, David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA, Susan Frager, Michael E. Schwartz, PsyD, Aug. 16.

  • "Town Hall-Critical Practice Issues and Best Solutions." Chair: Jana N. Martin, PhD. Participant: Carol D. Goodheart, EdD. Discussants: Katherine Nordal, PhD, James Bray, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 43 (Family)

  • "Advancing Social Justice Through Multicultural Family Psychology Practice." Chair: Etiony Aldarondo, PhD. Participants: Robert-Jay Green, PhD, Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe, PhD, Juia Perilla, PhD. Discussant: Isaac Prilleltensky, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Importance of Conflict in Intimate Relationships." Chair: David Schnarch, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Behavioral Couples Therapy for Addictive Disorders-New Applications." Chair: Timothy J. O'Farrell, PhD. Participants: William Fals-Stewart, PhD, Timothy J. O'Farrell, PhD, Heather LaChance, PhD, Wendy K.K. Lam, PhD. Discussant: James V. Córdova, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues)

  • "APA and Transgender Issues-Report of APA Taskforce on Gender Identity and Variance." Chair: Margaret S. Schneider, PhD. Participants: Clinton W. Anderson, PhD, Katherine Rachlin, PhD, Walter O. Bockting, PhD, Randall D. Ehrbar, PsyD, Aug. 14.

  • "Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Older Adults." Chair: Steven David, PhD. Participants: Douglas C. Kimmel, PhD, Ruth E. Fassinger, PhD, Beth A. Firestein, PhD, Loree Cook-Daniels, Richard A. Rodriguez, PhD. Discussant: Bob G. Knight, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "People with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Parents-Examining Needs, Strengths and Practical Tools for Clinicians." Chair: Orson Morrison, PsyD. Participant: Monica Canfield Lenfest. Discussants: Orson Morrison, PsyD, Elizabeth Castellana, Aug. 15.

  • "Current Research on Bisexuality-Identity, Behavior, Prejudice and Well-Being." Chair: Ronald C. Fox, PhD. Participants: Jonathan J. Mohr, PhD, Arnold H. Grossman, PhD, Tamara B. Pardo, Melanie Brewster, Tera E. Beaber. Discussant: Sari H. Dworkin, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Research Implications-Intersections of Sexual Orientation and Ethnicity." Chair: Michele K. Lewis, PhD. Participants: Luke Moissinac, PhD, Ming-Hui Daniel Hsu, Cristina M. Risco, Kimberly F. Balsam, PhD, Nadine Nakamura, PhD. Discussant: Kirstyn Y.S. Chun, PsyD, Aug. 16.

Div. 45 (Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues)

  • "Ethnicity and Suicide-A State-of-the-Art Review." Co-chairs: Frederick T.L. Leong, PhD, Mark M. Leach, PhD. Participants: Rheeda L. Walker, PhD, Yovanska Duarté-Vélez, PhD, Mark M. Leach, PhD, Joseph P. Gone, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Lessons Learned--A Culturally Grounded CBPR Program in a Tribal Community." Co-chairs: Lisa Rey Thomas, PhD, Robin L.W. Sigo. Participant: Lisa Rey Thomas, PhD. Discussant: Gerald V. Mohatt, EdD, Aug. 15.

  • "Experiences of Racial Microaggressions for Black and Asian-Americans." Chair: Derald Wing Sue, PhD. Participants: Christina M. Capodilupo, Annie I. Lin, David P. Rivera, Gina C. Torino, Aug. 17.

Div. 46 (Media)

  • "APA Presidents Discuss Psychology and the American Presidential Election." Chair: Frank Farley, PhD. Participants: James Bray, PhD, Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD, Patrick H. DeLeon, PhD, JD, Richard M. Suinn, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "APA Comedy Jam-Laughter: The Most Positive Psychology." Chair: Frank Farley, PhD. Participants: Debbie Joffe Ellis, Raymond D. Fowler, PhD, Judith B. Kuriansky, PhD, Lenore E. Walker, EdD, Danny Wedding, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Sex, Love and Psychology." Chair: Frank Farley, PhD. Participants: Sharon Stephens Brehm, PhD, Elaine Hatfield, PhD, Richard Rapson, PhD, Rowland S. Miller, PhD, Aug. 15.

Div. 47 (Exercise and Sport)

  • "Performance Psychology in the 21st Century-New Opportunities and Approaches." Chair: Linda K. Hamilton, PhD. Participants: Kate F. Hays, PhD, Shane M. Murphy, PhD, Doug Hankes, PhD. Discussant: Linda K. Hamilton, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Accreditation Issues in Sport Psychology-An Initial Discussion." Co-chairs: Steve Portenga, PhD, Mark Aoyagi, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • Steven R. Heyman Memorial Keynote Address, "Champions' Perspectives on the Mental Game in Elite Performance," Bill Rodgers. Chair: Edmund Acevedo, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 48 (Peace)

  • "Reframing Youth Violence: Interventions That Reduce Its Social Determinants," Nicholas Freudenberg, DrPH, Aug. 15.

  • "Asymmetric Conflict." Chair: Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD. Participants: Clark McCauley, PhD, Albert Pepitone, PhD, Sophia Moskalenko, PhD, James Breckenridge, PhD, Anthony J. Marsella, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "New Directions for the 21st Century Early-Career Awards." Chair: Daniel J. Christie, PhD. Participants: Peter T. Coleman, PhD, Victoria Sanford, PhD, J. Christopher Cohrs, PhD, Daniel L. Shapiro, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 49 (Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy)

  • "Negotiating Dual Relationships in Experiential Training Groups-Trainees' Perspectives." Co-chairs: Eric C. Chen, PhD, Bethany D. Aaronson. Participants: Bethany D. Aaronson, Lauren M. Luttinger, Ryan J. Androsiglio, Aug. 14.

  • "Preparing for Internship-What You Need to Know About Group Psychology." Chair: Joshua M. Gross, PhD. Participants: Joshua M. Gross, PhD, Janice L. DeLucia-Waack, PhD, Dan Jones, PhD, Edith Chung, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Object Relations and Family Systems in Group Psychotherapy-A Demonstration." Chair: Kathleen Y. Ritter, PhD. Participant: Kathleen Y. Ritter, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 50 (Addictions)

  • "Health Disparities Among Adolescents and Young Adults-Etiology, Prevention and Effective Interventions for Alcohol Problems." Co-chairs: Clara M. Bradizza, PhD, Mariela C. Shirley, PhD. Participants: Gene Brody, PhD, Eric F. Wagner, PhD, Steven P. Schinke, PhD, Richard Spoth, PhD. Discussant: Raul Caetano, MD, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Extreme Alcohol Use and Negative Consequences among College Drinkers." Co-chair: Kim Fromme, PhD, Reagan R. Wetherill. Participants: Kim Fromme, PhD, Reagan R. Wetherill, Kenneth J. Sher, PhD, Clayton Neighbors, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Evidence-Based Practice-Cutting-Edge Issues." Chair: Harry K. Wexler, PhD. Participant: Gregory S. Brigham, PhD, John C. Norcross, PhD, Harold I. Perl, PhD, Steve Aos, PhD. Discussants: Harry K. Wexler, PhD, Joan E. Zweben, PhD, Michael Levy, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 51 (Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity)

  • "Moving From Clinical Theorizing to Clinical Research and Practice With Men." Chair: Abigail K. Mansfield, PhD. Participants: Mariola Magovcevic, PhD, Lara A. Ray, PhD, Abigail K. Mansfield, PhD, Jennifer M. Lane. Discussant: Christopher Kilmartin, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Recent Advances in the Study of Men and Depression." Chair: Ronald F. Levant, EdD. Participants: Matthew Syzdek, Andrew J. Fields, Wizdom P. Hammond, PhD, Joseph H. Hammer, Jerrold L. Shapiro, PhD. Discussant: Gary R. Brooks, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Novel Nonpsychotherapeutic Interventions with Men." Co-chairs: MySha R. Whorley, Abigail K. Mansfield, PhD. Participants: Ryan A. McKelley, Y. Joel Wong, PhD, MySha R. Whorley, Lee N. Land. Discussant: Jennifer M. Lane, Aug. 16.

Div. 52 (International)

  • "Northern Ireland: Psychological Impact of Violence and Strategies for Peace." Chair: Sheila M. Pfafflin, PhD. Participants: Orla Muldoon, PhD, Marie B. Smyth, DPhil, Neil Ferguson, DPhil, Maurice Stringer, PhD. Discussant: Florence L. Denmark, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Multifaceted Dimensions of Psychology in Guatemala: Perspectives for the Future." Co-chairs: Maria del Pilar Grazioso, Andres J. Consoli, PhD. Participants: Maria del Pilar Grazioso, Andrea Musso, Sandra Luna, Andres J. Consoli, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Psychocultural Adaptations of Chinese-American Youths: New York as a Global City, " Uwe P. Gielen, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 53 (Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology)

  • "Best Practices in Clinical Child/Adolescent Psychology: The Assessment and Treatment of ADHD." Participants: Gregory A. Fabiano, PhD, George J. DuPaul, PhD, Arthur D. Anastopoulos, PhD, William E. Pelham Jr., PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "From DSM-IV to DSM-V: Integrating Developmental Psychopathology." Chair: E. Jane Costello, PhD. Participants: Leon Eisenberg, MD, Daniel Pine, MD, F. Xavier Castellanos, MD. Discussant: E. Jane Costello, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Best Practices in Clinical Child/Adolescent Psychology: The Assessment and Treatment of Youth Depression." Participants: Mark Reinecke, PhD, Kevin D. Stark, PhD, John Curry, PhD. Discussant: Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 54 (Society of Pediatric Psychology)

  • "Behavioral Health Screening in Diverse Pediatric Settings: Practical Strategies." Chair: Linda J. Alpert-Gillis, PhD. Participants: Jennifer West, PhD, Sandra Jee, MD, Kristen Davidson, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Internships/Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Programs on Parade," Aug. 16.

  • "Mental Health Research and Treatment for Ethnic Minority Youths." Chair: Anderson J. Franklin, PhD. Participants: Nabil H. El-Ghoroury, PhD, Guerda Nicolas, PhD, Angela M. DeSilva. Discussant: Anabel Bejarano, PhD, Aug. 17.

Div. 55 (American Society for the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy)

  • "Integrating Psychological and Pharmacological Treatments: Pain, Eating Disorders, Geropsych/LTC, Hospice." Chair: Margaret Heldring, PhD. Participants: Dean K. Paret, PhD, Marla M. Sanzone, PhD, Dennis P. Girard, EdD, Alessandra Strada-Russo, PhD. Discussant: Steven R. Tulkin, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Impact of Chronic Diseases on the Management of Psychoactive Medications," Alice Van Alstine, MD. Chair: Nancy B. Ruddy, PhD. Discussants: Jeff Matranga, PhD, Joan B. Read, PhD, Aug. 15.

  • "Drug-Drug Interaction: Keeping Up to Date," Michael Angelini. Chair: Stanley J. Berman, PhD, Aug. 16.

Div. 56 (Trauma)

  • "Project Fleur-de-lis: Collaborative Behavioral Therapy Efforts Addressing Trauma in Children." Chair: Baraka W. Perez, PhD. Participants: Jennifer V. DuClos, Kathleen Whalen, Douglas W. Walker, PhD, Judith A. Cohen, MD, Aug. 14.

  • "The Aftermath of the Virginia Tech Shootings: Distress and Resilience." Chair: Heather Littleton, PhD. Participants: Danny Axsom, PhD, Amie E. Grills-Taquechel, PhD, Heather Littleton, PhD. Discussant: Dean G. Kilpatrick, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Ending Long-Term Trauma Psychotherapies: Clinical and Ethical Considerations." Chair: Karen W. Saakvitne, PhD. Participants: Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD, Christine A. Courtois, PhD, Karen W. Saakvitne, PhD, Aug. 16.

Psi Beta's program highlights

  • "Helping Students Make High School to College to Workplace Transitions." Co-chair: Alberta Johnson, PhD, Laura Bittner. Participants: Fernando Ortiz, PhD, Hilary Rosenthal, Drew C. Appleby, PhD, Colleen Spoonire, Aug. 15.

  • "Teaching With Technology: Lessons Learned in Classrooms and Cyberspace," Thomas Ludwig, PhD, Aug. 16.

Students: Don't miss these programs

  • "An Applied Introduction to Modern Missing Data Techniques." Co-chairs: Craig K. Enders, PhD, Felix J. Thoemmes, Aug. 14.

  • "You Can Do It: Publication and Reviewing From Start to Finish." Chair: Brian J. Hall. Discussants: Gary R. VandenBos, PhD, Anne E. Kazak, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Journeys in Leadership and Careers: 20 Years of APAGS Chairs." Chair: Norman B. Anderson, PhD. Participants: Scott Mesh, PhD, David Pilon, PhD, James L. Campbell, PhD, Rob Rella, PhD, Miguel Ybarra, PhD, Barbara Beauchamp, PsyD, Mitch Prinstein, PhD, Carol Williams-Nickelson, PsyD, Derek Snyder, Christopher W. Loftis, PhD, David W. Ballard, PsyD, Michael B. Madson, PhD, Kristi Sands Van Sickle, PsyD, Nadia T. Hassan, Konjit V. Page, Aug. 15.

Psi Chi sessions
  • "Students and Faculty as Partners in the Letter-of-Recommendation Process," Drew C. Appleby, PhD. Chair: Vincent Prohaska, PhD, Aug. 14.

  • "Psi Chi Panel on Mentoring Nontraditional Students." Chair: Scott VanderStoep, PhD. Participants: Lori Barker, PhD, Melanie Domenech Rodriguez, PhD, Joseph Horvat, PhD, Aug. 16.

  • "Honoring Virginia Andreoli Mathie for Her Contributions in Psychology and Psi Chi." Chair: Vincent Prohaska, PhD, Aug. 16.

Program participants and days are subject to change.