July/August 2008 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 39 No. 7

July/August 2008 Monitor cover

Keeping athletes on track

A dogs face


Fido's inner life

Dogs' attentiveness to our cues may give us the illusion they are more human than wolf.

In brief


Victorious athlete


For the love of the game

A psychologist helps his clients finish strong.

An apple on a stack of books


The teacher's teacher

Education champion Lee S. Shulman wants more faculty to be trained in the art of instruction.

Web browser on computer screen


Ethics in the age of the Internet

In narrowing the gap between our personal and professional lives, the Internet raises challenging ethical questions.

Close up of golf balls


The early days of sport psychology

In the 1920s, psychologists used golf balls to give football players a competitive edge.

Hand holding wedding rings


In his father's footsteps

C. Alan Hopewell earns the Bronze Star Medal for his service in Iraq.

Overturning a same-sex marriage ban

California's Supreme Court cites APA brief in its ruling.

DoD allocates $25 million to study PTSD

A randomized, controlled trial will test two behavioral treatments.

Leaders rally for veterans

The VA announces an initiative to improve mental health care.

A crisis in care

As part of an interdisciplinary group, APA briefs Congress on the challenges of providing health care to an aging population.

What's behind American consumerism?

As Americans increasingly spend more than they earn, psychological research is providing clues as to why.

IAT: Fad or fabulous?

Psychologists debate whether the Implicit Association Test needs more solid psychometric footing before it enters the public sphere.

Custody collaborations

Lawyers and psychologists work together to keep children's best interests in mind.

Culture matters

Accounting for clients' backgrounds and values makes for better treatment.

gradPSYCH Extra: Get real

Feel like an imposter? You're not alone.

gradPSYCH Extra: Make the most of your post

Seasoned presenters share how to make your poster stand out from the crowd.

gradPSYCH Extra: Online research done right

Librarians and professors share the inside scoop on PsycINFO and other Internet resources.

Government Relations


Another win for service members and their families

An APA-supported center earns permanent status within the Department of Defense.

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