September 2008 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 39 No. 8

September 2008 Monitor cover

The pregnant brain

  • Priming for a new role

    Pregnant women and animals experience slight decreases in learning and memory—changes that appear to pave the way for cognitive benefits in motherhood and may even advantage mothers as they age.

  • Fetal gender may influence 'baby brain'

    Women who had carried male fetuses performed significantly better on the most difficult tests of working memory and spatial ability than those carrying female fetuses.

In brief


Ambulance outside a hospital


A rich hospital practice

Oklahoma psychologist Stewart R. Beasley Jr. has worked from the inside to gain hospital privileges for himself and the profession—a move that spells better care for patients.

Two police motorcycles


Secrets behind the service

Michelle Keeney is the first woman, first civilian and first psychologist to direct the National Threat Assessment Center.

Ethics Rounds


Important lessons for APA on island ethics: Notes from Hawaii

A series of dialectical tensions serves to illustrate some of the ethical challenges of practicing psychology in an island state.

Top of the Nation's Capital in DC


Parity nears reality

In a major win for psychology and mental health advocates, Congress has embraced mental health parity. Now it's negotiating ways to pay for it.

Victory for Medicare recipients

Advocacy efforts help Congress pass Medicare legislation that will improve access to mental health care.

The IQ Zoo

Early psychologists used animals to educate and entertain.

Clean Cuts

In these tough economic times, companies increasingly rely on psychologists' expertise in the delicate art of downsizing.

Better studying through chemistry?

Seeking a cognitive boost, students are increasingly abusing stimulants. And the problem is likely to get worse.

Changing course in a storm

Two American psychologists caught in the cyclone in Myanmar rush to help relief workers cope with the disaster's aftermath.

Charting the future of undergraduate psychology

Educators consider steps to introduce the discipline to a new—and much different—generation of students.

Psychologists in the halls of Congress

APA's 2007–08 Congressional Fellows cover diverse issues, but have common goals.

Fresh perspectives for Psychological Bulletin

Incoming editor Stephen Hinshaw will encourage early career psychologists to write review papers.

Stacked open books


Get your message to the masses

Translate your research or clinical insight into popular-press books with these tips.

Wheelchair bicycle tire


Policy-makers focus on the needs of wounded warriors

Psychologists share innovative efforts to address the mental health needs of service members, veterans and their families.

On Your Behalf


On Your Behalf

A wrap-up of APA's latest advocacy

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