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APF supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender research

APF has awarded seven grants to support empirical research on lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender issues through the Wayne F. Placek Fund:

  • Eden King, PhD, and Jon Mohr, PhD, of George Mason University, received a $54,996 Placek grant for their work on LGBT identity issues in the workplace. King's research integrates organizational and social psychological theories to understand social stigma in the context of the contemporary American workplace. Much of Mohr's research examines dimensions of social identity in relation to the well-being and everyday experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. He also investigates sexual orientation attitudes and stereotypes, including looking at how such attitudes and stereotypes influence therapists' treatment of sexual minority clients.

  • Anneliese A. Singh, PhD, of the University of Georgia, received a $45,502 Placek grant for her project to help study LGBTQ bullying in schools. Singh's research interests include multicultural counseling and social justice, qualitative methodology with historically marginalized groups, advocacy to end child sexual abuse in South Asian communities, feminist theory and practice, Asian-American counseling and psychology issues and empowerment interventions with trauma survivors.

APF also gave five Placek grants of $5,000 or less to support research on lesbian, gay, or bisexual issues: Christine Alksnis, PhD, Wilfrid Laurier University; K.L. Broad, PhD, University of Florida; Valerian J. Derlega, PhD, Old Dominion University; Nicole E. Rossi, PhD, Augusta State University; and Tracie L. Stewart, PhD, Georgia State University.

In 2009, APF will award two $15,000 grants through the Placek Fund. APF established the Placek Fund from Wayne F. Placek's bequest to support research designed to promote the general public's understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues and to prevent homophobia. The fund has awarded more than $1 million since 1995.

Information about the Placek program is available from APF.

Addressing postpartum depression

The APA Women's Programs Office received a $4,750 APF grant through the APF's Dorothy Cantor Fund to translate the APA postpartum depression brochure, Postpartum Depression Consumer Brochure: Translation and Dissemination, into Spanish, French and Chinese.

The translations will be geared for Hispanic, African and Asian immigrants who are not proficient in English.

The funds will also be used to support the brochure's dissemination to consumers through other outlets, including psychologists' and other mental health care providers' offices, physicians' and other primary health care providers' offices, community health centers, governmental agencies and grassroots organizations.

APF accepts 2009 Gold Medal nominations

APF seeks nominations for its 2009 Gold Medal Awards, which recognize life achievement in and enduring contributions to psychology. Awards are presented in four categories:

  • Life achievement in the science of psychology.

  • Life achievement in the application of psychology.

  • Life achievement by a psychologist in the public interest.

  • Life achievement in the practice of psychology.

All awardees receive a gold medal, $2,000 donated by APF to the charitable institution of the recipient's choice, and an all-expense-paid trip to APA's 2009 Annual Convention in Toronto where the award will be presented.

The nomination deadline is Dec. 1. Send nominations by mail to APF Gold Medal Awards, at the APF address. For more information on the nomination process, visit this page.

Nominees sought for teaching excellence

APF invites nominations for its 2009 Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award. The award honors a career contribution to the teaching of psychology and is named after Charles L. Brewer, PhD, whose career-long devotion and contributions to the teaching of psychology embody the purpose of the award.

The winner receives a plaque, $2,000, and an all-expense-paid round trip to APA's 2009 Annual Convention in Toronto where the award will be presented.

The nomination deadline is Dec. 1. More information on this award is available from APF.

Apply for a Visionary Funds Grant

APF accepts applications for Visionary Grants four times each year. Grants of up to $5,000 are awarded to support projects and programs that fall within APF's grant-making priorities of:

• Finding connections between mental and physical health to ensure well-being.

• Understanding and preventing violence to create a safer, more humane world.

• Understanding and preventing prejudice and discrimination.

• Supporting the sustained rebuilding of communities in the aftermath of disaster.

The application deadline is Dec. 1. More information is available from APF.

Do you conduct transatlantic research?

Apply for the Wilhelm Wundt-William James Award for Exceptional Contributions to Trans-Atlantic Psychology, which recognizes a significant record of transatlantic research collaboration.

There is no cash prize associated with the award, but recipients receive a mounted gold medallion, which is presented at the biennial meeting of the congress of the European Federation of Psychology Associations.

The nomination deadline is Dec. 31. For more information, visit

Nominate an early career psychologist

APF is accepting nominations for the $5,000 Div. 29 (Psychotherapy) Early Career Award, which recognizes promising contributions to psychotherapy, psychology and the division by a division member with 10 or fewer years of postdoctoral experience.

Nominees must demonstrate promising professional achievement related to psychotherapy theory, practice, research or training.

The deadline for nominations is Jan. 1. More information is available from APF.

Upcoming APF deadlines


Roy Scrivner Memorial Research Grants: Nov. 1

Annette U. Rickel Dissertation Award: Nov. 1

Counseling Psychology Grants: Nov. 1

Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowship: Nov. 15



Cummings PSYCHE Prize: Dec. 1

Gold Medals for Life Achievement: Dec. 1

Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award: Dec. 1

Visionary Funds Grant Program: Dec. 1

Wundt-James Transatlantic Psychology Award: Dec. 31



Div. 29 Early Career Award: Jan. 1



Randy Gerson Memorial Grant: Feb. 1

Henry David Research and Travel Grants: Feb. 15


For more information about APF's funding programs, visit APF's Web page or contact Emily Leary at e-mail or (202) 336-5622.