December 2008 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 39 No. 11
December 2008 Monitor cover

On the Cover:
The corporatization of higher ed

Elephant drawing


My elephant could have painted that

The creative drive - as well as some aesthetic sense - may cross species lines.

Woman sleeping peacefully


The sleep aide

Jack Edinger helps patients remove the barriers to a good night's sleep.

Closeup of shy child


Undersatnding our personalities requires a lesson in history

To better understand human behavior, developmental psychology pioneer Jerome Kagan urges psychologists to look back before moving ahead.

Rural road and house


Exploring ethics in rural settings: Through the lens of culture

Viewing rural practice through the lens of culture deepens our understanding of a setting's ethical challenges and practice opportunities.

Closeup illustration of Wonderwoman's headband


Wonder Woman: A psychologist's creation

William Moulton Marston's contribution to pop culture was ahead of its time.

Dart in bullseye of dartboard


Success on the state level

Psychology makes gaines on a variety of professional issues, including licensure and psychologists' roles in treatment.

Driving on

An Army psychologist looks back on his first Iraq deployment.

Money is the top stressor for Americans

APA's 2008 Stress in America survey shows the economic downturn is chipping away at our physical and emotional health - and that women bear the brunt of the stress.

Meet psychology's bloggers

Their motivations for sharing their thoughts are as diverse as the topics they write about.

Think before you post

Consider the implications before you head off into the blogosphere.

Bringing lessons to life

A growing number of psychology professors who use 'action teaching' say their students are learning more and working toward a more compassionate world.

No scientist is an island

APA's 2008 Science Leadership Conference looks at the ways researchers share information.

Silhouette of divine hands in sunset


Div. 36 brings spirituality into research and practice

Growth and change within the division mirrors society's evolving thoughts about religion.

Man with hands over his face


Go ahead, let it out

Here's how to find the right moment to express emotions with clients.

U.S. Capitol at night


On Your Behalf

A wrap-up for APA's latest advocacy