American Psychological Foundation

University of Florida students receive neuropsychology scholarships

APF awarded Ida Kellison and Ania Mikos $2,500 APF Benton-Meier Scholarships in neuropsychology. Kellison and Mikos are both University of Florida doctoral candidates.

Kellison's research evaluates neuropsychological performance to examine relationships between cognitive functioning and self-reported mood symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease. Mikos is studying the cognitive and emotional aspects of movement and memory disorders.

Upcoming APF deadlines

  • February 2009
    Randy Gerson Memorial Grant: Feb. 1
    Henry David Research and Travel Grants: Feb. 15

  • March 2009
    Wayne F. Placek Grants: March 2
    Esther Katz Rosen Fellowships: March 2
    Visionary Funds Grant Program: March 15

  • April 2009
    Paul E. Henkin School Psychology Travel Award: April 15

For more information about APF's funding programs, visit APF's Web page or contact Emily Leary at e-mail or (202) 336-5622.

Apply for Div. 16 (School) travel grants

The Paul E. Henkin Travel Grant provides up to $1,000 to defer the costs of registration, lodging and travel for Div. 16 (School) student members to attend APA's Annual Convention. Applicants should submit an application, a letter of recommendation, a 500-word essay and curriculum vitae. The deadline is April 15. Visit this page for more information.

Scholarships go to 13 psychology graduate students

APF and the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology have announced the winners of this year's scholarships.

The top winner is Arathi Sethumadhavan, of Texas Tech University, who received the $3,000 Ruth G. and Joseph D. Matarazzo Scholarship. Her research focuses on the cognitive and social issues related to human-automation interaction in the domain of air traffic control.

Kristen M. Culbert, of Michigan State University, received the $2,000 Clarence J. Rosecrans Scholarship. Culbert's research addresses the strength of prenatal exposure to testosterone by studying eating disorders in opposite-sex twins and non-twin females raised with brothers.

Eleven students received $1,000 scholarships:

  • Jennifer M. Brielmaier of George Mason University.

  • Melody Manchi Chao of the University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign.

  • Rachel H. Lucas-Thompson of the University of California, Irvine.

  • Melissa J. Mathews of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

  • Aimilia Papazoglou of Georgia State University.

  • Laura C. Rusch of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

  • Brenda Jeanette Salley of Virginia Tech and State University.

  • Naomi Samimi Sadeh of the University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign.

  • Julie Maria St. Cyr-Baker of Brock University.

  • Kimberly Allison Van Orden of Florida State University.

  • Laura M. Widman of the University of Tennessee.