Since the first meeting in 1999, each APA National Multicultural Summit has devoted programming time to honoring the elders of the psychology community who were early leaders in understanding and combating the effects of racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-immigrant attitudes. To continue that legacy of appreciation for the pathways forged by colleagues, the 2009 summit organizers recognized seven distinguished elders. They are:

  • Florence L. Denmark, PhD

  • Anderson J. Franklin, PhD

  • Janet Helms, PhD

  • Martha Mednick, PhD

  • Charles Silverstein, PhD

  • Bonnie R. Strickland, PhD

  • Derald Wing Sue, PhD

The following leaders and colleagues who passed away since the last summit meeting also honored for their leadership roles:

  • Toy Caldwell-Colbert, PhD

  • Asa Grant Hilliard III, PhD

  • Naomi Meara, PhD

  • Adrienne Smith, PhD

  • Donald Atkinson, PhD

  • Martha Bernal, PhD

  • Robert V. Guthrie, PhD

  • Reginald L. Jones, PhD

  • Patrick Okura, PhD

  • Carolyn Payton, PhD

  • Dalmas Taylor, PhD