On the Record

"Even though I accept insurance, when people lose their jobs they often lose their insurance. Even with insurance, cost comes into play."

Clinical psychologist Mark Aron, PhD, who says the economic downturn
has brought more people to counseling, but some have trouble affording it.
Hartford Courant, Feb. 20

Tweens have "their own sense of fashion in a way we didn't have before and their own parts of the popular culture targeted toward them." How will this shape their personalities? "Time will tell."

Charlotte, N.C., psychologist Dave Verhaagen, PhD
USA Today, Feb. 4

"Food is actually a lot like sex. It's very hard to be a couple and go to very different restaurants, just like it's hard to have sex with a partner with entirely different desires. There has to be a natural compatibility or a good sense of how to negotiate and compromise."

Judith Coché, PhD, a Philadelphia practitioner who specializes in couples therapy.
The Washington Post, Feb. 11