On the Record

"The greater proportion of your childhood that your family spent in poverty, the poorer your working memory, and that link is largely explained by this chronic physiologic stress."

—Cornell University's Gary W. Evans, PhD, on his research, that suggests
the stress from poverty impairs children's working memories.
Washington Post, April 6


"I have a new client, a laid-off lawyer, who's commuting in every day—to his Starbucks. He gets dressed up, meets with colleagues, networks; he calls it his Western White House. I have encouraged him to keep his routine."

—San Francisco psychologist Robert C. Chope Jr., PhD, on how keeping up appearances in
this economy may seem deceitful, but can be an effective social survival strategy.
New York Times, April 6


"Youth are saying they don't want to be defined by gender or orientation."

—Chicago psychologist Braden Berkey, PsyD, founder of a center serving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients, who spoke at an April meeting of the non-profit Council on Contemporary Families.
USA Today, April 22