July/August 2009 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 40 No. 7
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A new American dream?

  • A new American dream?

    Has the economic crisis led the nation to embrace a more sustainable, socially interdependent lifestyle? Or will Americans' recent shift to thrift be short-lived?

Playful stingrays


What's fun for a wasp?

A tendency to play may have shaped the evolution of animals as unlikely as insects and as brainy as apes.

In brief


Blowing a kiss


More than a media sexpert

Judith Kuriansky became famous for openness about sex, but that's just part of her story.

Brain MRI


The good-enough brain

Gary Marcus explains how evolution equipped us with a mind that gets the job done, but isn't pretty.

Cancelled stamps


Philately and psychology

Only one PhD psychologist has ever been honored with a U.S. stamp. You'll never guess who.

People in the shadows


A new day for practice

At a historic summit, psychology practitioners took a first step in defining how to adapt to a fast-changing world.

Strong families, safe children

Psychologists' expertise is guiding federal efforts to prevent child maltreatment at the community level.

Unfair access

APA works to eliminate disparities as the nation looks to reform its health-care system.

A successful program dies

A federal funding cut ends APA's neuroscience fellowship program.

Summer session: 8 Tips for funding your dissertation

Getting money for your research may not be as hard as you think.

Summer session: Presentation disasters

How to cope when your boyfriend fries your hard drive, your audience can't stop checking their watches, or worse.

Summer session: Know when to say no

Advice on how to decide whether one more accomplishment on your vitae is worth it.

35 years on Capitol Hill

APA's Congressional Fellowship Program has sponsored 107 psychologists in Congress.

Style with substance

APA releases a new edition of its classic resource.

Government Relations


On campus, less pain equals real gains

Thanks to APA advocacy, the government is investing in college and university counseling centers.

On Your Behalf


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

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