On the Record

"If technology makes something like staying in touch very, very easy, [teenagers' ability to break free from their parents] is harder to do; now you have adolescents who are texting their mothers 15 times a day, asking things like, 'Should I get the red shoes or the blue shoes?'"

— Sherry Turkle, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
New York Times, May 25

"When times are bad, you realize you don't have a clue what you would do if the supermarket didn't have goods on the shelves."

—University of Texas at Austin psychologist Art Markman, PhD, on the uptick in sales at emergency supply retailers. With more Americans nervous about the economy, they are stocking up on life's necessities.
Baltimore Sun, May 25

"People who were expressive in tone of voice and facial expression were also socially expressive on Facebook."

— Tufts University's Max Weisbuch, PhD, who found that students who were considered likeable
in real life make similar impressions on people who view their Facebook profiles.
New Scientist, May 26