September 2009 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 40 No. 8
September 2009 Monitor cover

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Play in peril

  • Playtime in peril

    Kindergartners in New York and Los Angeles spend nearly three hours per day on reading and math instruction and test prep, and less than half an hour each day on "choice time."

In brief


math equation


Brighten up

Richard Nisbett says culture, not heredity, guides our intellect.

Window to the mind


Psychoanalysis, American style

One hundred years ago this month, Freud made his first and only visit to the United States.

Soldier walking


Women and war

Researchers find a link between sexual trauma and post-deployment PTSD, but signs of resilience, too.

Virtual healing

New research finds that cyber environments are enhancing care for post-traumatic stress disorder, autism and more.

Prevention works

A major report documents how early intervention with children and adolescents significantly improves their long-term welfare—and could save billions.

Achieving better outcomes

This psychologist is helping groups get the results they want via a process that promotes program accountability.

Nice by nature?

Moral behavior may have ancient roots, new research suggests.

Life-saving outreach

University counseling centers are launching creative campaigns and retooling student services to prevent student suicides.

Addressing the mental health needs of returning service members

APA encourages Congress to increase outreach to service members and veterans on college campuses.

Donor spotlight

Spotlight on Raymond A. and Rosalee G. Weiss

Laptop with lock on screen


Preventing cyber attacks

At a congressional hearing, an APA member emphasizes the need for more behavioral research in efforts to protect the nation's vast computer networks.

On Your Behalf


On Your Behalf

A wrap-up of APA's latest advocacy.