On the Record

"There is a new anatomy of a sale. Retailers know that consumers will wait as long as possible to buy something because they know it’s going on sale."

—San Francisco consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow, PhD, on
retailers' current trend of slashing prices as never before.
Philadelphia Inquirer, July 15

"People now have some optimism that the worst is behind them."

—Paul J. Lavrakas, PhD, an Associated Press consultant, who
reports debt-related stress is down 12 percent from last summer.
Baltimore Sun, July 20

"Swearing increases your pain tolerance."

—Richard Stephens, PhD, a Keele University psychologist who found
expletives can reduce physical pain—and we may curse by instinct.
Time, July 16

"This seemingly flies in the face of the commonly held notion of 'beer goggles.'"

—University of Leicester forensic psychologist Vincent Egan, PhD,
on a study that found the more participants drank, the less likely
they were to rate the women as attractive.
Wall Street Journal, July 21