Oct. 8 is National Depression Screening Day, and APA is partnering with the nonprofit Screening for Mental Health to urge psychologists to get involved.

During the day, psychologists and other mental health providers set up screening centers in their communities and administer paper-based or Web-based screening forms to detect signs of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol use disorders, eating disorders and stress. Participants are given brochures and flyers that address these disorders.

"When left untreated, these conditions can turn into more serious concerns, so assessing the signs and symptoms is extremely important," says Douglas G. Jacobs, MD, president and CEO of Screening for Mental Health, based in Wellesley Hills, Mass.

Participate online, or call (781) 239-0071. Kits for conducting the screening—which include the forms, posters, brochures, clinician education information and APA's depression fact sheet—range from $75 to $155, and are tailored to certain populations. Online kits, which allow year-round screening, cost $225 for each disorder-focused program, or $495 for the whole set.

—M. Price