Psychology practitioner Rosalee G. Weiss, PhD, and her husband Raymond A. Weiss, PhD, EdD, professor emeritus at New York University, have been long-time donors to APF as well as members of APF's Legacy Club. The couple has sponsored two lectures at APA's Annual Convention and continue to support the annual $10,000 Raymond A. and Rosalee G. Weiss Grant for Innovative Research and Programs—a tradition they will continue with a large bequest in their wills.

APF has been able to support groundbreaking work in a number of priority areas as a result of their generosity.

Rosalee Weiss was honored for her work with the FBI during World War II. She also received an award from Case Western Reserve University in recognition of her accomplishments in clinical psychology during her 65-year career.

Raymond A. Weiss, a charter fellow at the American College of Sports Medicine, was instrumental in the development of the college. He also received a commendation from the air surgeon general for his work in rehabilitation medicine during World War II, when he was a captain in the Air Force at the School of Aviation Medicine.