One of the most popular sessions at APA's 2009 Annual Convention was "Speed Mentoring," an event created and hosted by APA President James H. Bray, PhD, that took a career-advancing spin on speed-dating. About 200 participants were divided into groups of 12 to spend 10 minutes with APA past-presidents and other prominent psychologists. Afterward, the group met for a social hour.

"This was my best experience of the entire convention," said Walden University clinical graduate student Keith Milstead, who met with Bray; APA CEO Norman Anderson, PhD; and former APA President Patrick H. DeLeon, PhD, JD, among others.

"I received personal time to discuss how to search out internships, impressions of prescriptive authority, challenges of finding the time to follow all the literature and progress in the field with some of the top names associated with the APA. It is an experience I will never forget."

DeLeon said the evening showed "how excited the upcoming generation of psychologists are about their futures and what psychology will be able to bring to the 21st century."

—S. Martin