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APF grant leads to publication

Armed with a Roy Scrivner Research Grant, Charles Strohm, a sociology doctoral student at the University of California, Los Angeles, recently published research on relationships in the journal Demographic Research (Vol. 21). Strohm examined "living-apart together" relationships, those between unmarried partners who live in separate households but identify themselves as part of a couple, for heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples.

APF sends high school students to Yale

Kristina Olson, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at Yale University, will receive APF's 2009 Pre-College Grant for her work directing the Yale Science Collaborative for Hands-On Learning and Research (SCHOLAR) program. Through the program, high school sophomores take a college-level psychology course, while juniors and seniors have the opportunity to work in Yale's Social Cognitive Development Lab as interns. APF awards the grant to an exceptional program that includes high school students in the study of psychology at more advanced levels.

The grant epitomizes the goal of APF's Pre-College Psychology Grant Program, which aims to reinforce psychology as a science in secondary school curricula.

APF advances stigma research

APF has awarded two more grants to graduate students:

  • Lindsey Monteith, a clinical psychology graduate student at the University of Houston, won a $5,000 Violet and Cyril Franks scholarship to study whether a negative bias exists against depression relative to physical illness in an ethnically diverse undergraduate sample. Monteith hopes her work will promote an understanding of stigma against depression, as well as effective strategies to address it.

  • Lauren M. Bylsma, a clinical psychology doctoral candidate at the University of South Florida, won the $2,000 F.J. McGuigan Dissertation Scholarship to extend her research on emotional functioning in people with major depression. Bylsma aims to clarify the nature of emotional reactivity and regulation deficits in people with major depression.

Nominate an outstanding global psychologist

The Wilhelm Wundt-William James Award for Exceptional Contributions to Trans-Atlantic Psychology recognizes a psychologist who has a significant record of transatlantic research collaboration. The winner is presented with a gold medallion at the July 2011 biennial meeting of the congress of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations. The nomination deadline is Dec. 31. More information is available online.

Nominate a colleague for $50,000 Cummings PSYCHE Prize

The 2010 Cummings PSYCHE Prize will recognize an individual whose career has expanded the role of the psychologist as a primary-care provider working side-by-side with primary-care physicians in organized systems of health-care delivery.

The deadline for nominations is Dec. 1. More information is available online.

APF welcomes nominations for 2010 Gold Medal

APF is currently accepting nominations for its 2010 Gold Medal Awards, which recognize life achievement in and enduring contributions to psychology. Awards are presented in four categories:

  • Life Achievement in the Science of Psychology; Life Achievement in the Application of Psychology; Life Achievement by a Psychologist in the Public Interest; and Life Achievement in the Practice of Psychology.

All awardees receive a gold medal, and an all-expense paid trip to APA's 2010 Annual Convention in San Diego, where the award will be presented.

Eligibility is limited to psychologists 65 years or older who reside in North America. Nominations should indicate the specific award for which the individual is nominated, a nomination statement that traces the nominee's career, a current curriculum vitae and bibliography, and letters of recommendation in support of the nomination. All nomination materials should be coordinated by a chief nominator and sent in one package. There is no nomination form.

The nomination deadline is Dec. 1. More information is available online.

Nominees sought for teaching excellence

APF invites nominations for its 2010 Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award. The award honors a career contribution to the teaching of psychology and is named after Charles L. Brewer, PhD, whose career-long devotion and contributions to the teaching of psychology embody the purpose of the award.

Nominees must demonstrate:

  • Exemplary performance as a classroom teacher.

  • Development of innovative curricula and courses.

  • Development of effective teaching methods and/or materials.

  • Teaching of advanced research methods and practice in psychology and or administrative facilitation of teaching.

  • Research on teaching.

  • Training of teachers of psychology.

  • Evidence of influence as a teacher of students who become psychologists.

The winner receives a plaque, $2,000, and an all-expense paid round trip to APA's 2010 Annual Convention in San Diego, where the award will be presented.

Upcoming APF deadlines


  • Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowships: Nov. 15


  • Cummings PSYCHE Prize: Dec. 1

  • Gold Medals for Life Achievement: Dec. 1

  • Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award: Dec. 1

  • Wundt-James Transatlantic Psychology Award:
    Dec. 31

  •  APF Pearson Early Career Grant: Dec. 31

January 2010

  • Division 29 Award: Jan. 1

February 2010

  • Randy Gerson Memorial Grant: Feb. 1

  • Henry David Research Grant: Feb. 15

  • Frances Culbertson Travel Grant: Feb. 15

More information about APF's funding programs is available online or contact Kimberly Rowsome by e-mail or
(202) 336-5622.