On the Record

“She plays, she smiles, she laughs, but she doesn’t want to be alone.”

—Marie Alice Craft, a school psychologist in Haiti, on her 11-yearold daughter after the earthquake.
The New York Times, Jan. 29

“They’ll want their teachers and professors to respond to them immediately, and they will expect instantaneous access to everyone, because after all, that is the experience they have growing up. They should be just like their older brothers and sisters, but they are not.”

—Larry Rosen, PhD, a professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, who has drawn a distinction between what he calls the Net Generation, born in the 1980s, and the iGeneration, born in the ‘90s and this decade.
 The New York Times, Jan. 9

“Time and again, it’s a humbling experience to realize there is so much more information being passed in ways which hadn’t been noticed before.”

—Klaus Zuberbühler, PhD, of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, discussing scientists’ growing understanding of monkeys’ language.
The New York Times, Jan. 11