Each week Brian MacDonald, PhD, and Giuseppe Spezzano, PhD, broadcast the “Family Anatomy” podcast to an audience of several thousand Internet listeners. The project began in 2008 when the two friends and colleagues found themselves discussing child-rearing issues during breaks between clients. At the time, MacDonald, who also teaches clinical psychology at the University of Ottawa, and Spezzano, who also works for the Ottawa school board, were just two dads applying their psychological knowledge to their own lives.

“Getting my infants to sleep through the night was really difficult,” recalls MacDonald. “And this was one of the first things we talked about together.”

MacDonald and Spezzano’s experience spurred them to record “The Anatomy of Sleep,” the first episode in their weekly “Family Anatomy” podcast radio show. Since then, they’ve released another 90 shows and a companion Web site where parents and clinicians can access information and forums on parenting. The shows feature MacDonald and Spezzano discussing their personal experiences as parents while integrating the newest research in an easy-to-understand and entertaining package.

So far, the show’s had 35,000 downloads. While the pair primarily reach parents who want easy-todigest information, busy psychologists also can benefit from their show’s integration of personal experience and cutting-edge research, they say. They also welcome submissions from researchers and clinicians. To listen to the show, visit Family Anatomy.

—J. Clark