May 2010 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 41 No. 5

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See you in San Diego

NIH changes


NIH’s new mindset

Changes at the National Institues of Health are paving the way for more opportunities for psychologists.

Video games increase aggression


Meeting emotions


Meeting emotions head on

Daniel Shapiro hopes to achieve world peace by addressing — rather than suppressing — emotions during negotiations.

Stumbling on happiness


Stumbling on happiness

Daniel Gilbert, keynote speaker at this year’s APA Annual Convention, discusses how his research changed his own life.

19th century cures


From rest cure to work cure

America’s vast opportunities promised wealth and the occasional nervous breakdown. A variety of ‘cures’ were there to help.

Psychology and God


Theism vs. naturalism

Psychologists debate their discipline’s stance toward God.

APA updates its model licensure act

The changes include allowing individuals to sit for licensure as soon as they meet training requirements.

Partnering to eliminate violence

Experts from the psychology, public health and criminal justice fields are coming together to solve one of America’s deepest-rooted problems.

Collaboration for education

A landmark meeting underscores the importance of ensuring that psychology practitioners get the education and training they need to be competent professionals.

People are not their disabilities

Rehabilitation psychologists are working to improve medical care and increase respect for those with traumatic injuries.

Psychology's global guardians

APA members bring a psychological perspective to the United Nations.

High veteran suicide rate


Warrior suicides

APA testifies on the most effective ways to prevent an escalating problem.

Dr. Gail Wyatt, PhD


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

Nostalgia studies
Make your voice heard


Make your voice heard

Every psychologist has a responsibility to help others understand psychology’s contributions.

SLC 2010

Nearly 500 psychology leaders from across the United States and its territories, as well as Canada, participated in the 27th State Leadership Conference, March 6–9, in Washington, D.C.

New and improved parity

The specifics of the 2008 parity laws are being hammered out, and psychologists' input continues to be critical.

Clinical treatment guidelines are coming

A new set of tools will help practitioners translate research findings into improved care.

The digital shift

Telepsychology and electronic record-keeping are around the corner. Is your practice ready?

Expanding your reach

Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools bring new advocacy opportunities but also new challenges.

Healthier workplaces and better bottom lines

APA honors employers that promote employees' well-being.


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