On the Record

If staying married means living amid constant acrimony, “you’re better off out of it.”

—Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD, in an article discussing her groundbreaking research on marriage and health.
The New York Times, April 12

“I have found therapists for others by checking the American Psychological Association’s website apa.org. This comprehensive site has a ‘psychologist locator’ tool in which you can type your ZIP code and see a database of local therapists, along with their specialties.”

—”Ask Amy,” in response to the reader question “Could you provide some pointers on how to find a mental health professional?” APA has been promoting its psychologist locator service through its public education campaign.
The Washington Post, April 24

“It’s unlikely that chocolate makes people depressed.”

—Marcia Levin Pelchat, PhD, who studies food cravings at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, in response to University of California research that found that overindulging in it could be a marker for depression.
Los Angeles Times, April 27