Candidates for APA President

Q3. How do you see science and practice informing one another? Specifically, as national health care increasingly moves toward treatment guidelines, how might the science and practice communities work together to develop guidelines appropriate for psychology?

Having co-authored practice guidelines, I believe that developing treatment guidelines signals the most significant new direction for APA and one that underscores the interdependence of practice and science. Guidelines cannot be effective or viable without science to validate them. Because guidelines require continual research and revision to ensure validity and value, guidelines will tether science and practice far into the future and will promote our science in ways consistent with our strategic plan. Moreover, when science and practice work together in this manner, the public’s interests are best served.

Q4. What actions would you take to enhance the standing and reputation of psychology around the world?

While co-chairing an international conference, I learned how alliances are critical to advancing psychological research and improving psychological health and well-being for millions. The experience reinforced the importance of demonstrating APA’s commitment to the interests of our international colleagues by forming respectful and truly collaborative partnerships; sharing our science and resources when requested, by being transparent and ready to learn from our international colleagues; and by being willing to change our understanding of psychology and ourselves. Bringing together our international experts, NGO representatives and governance bodies to form short- and long-term objectives and priorities would provide a sound beginning.