Presidential programming

  • “Psychology Practice: Design for Tomorrow,” the APA Presidential Address by Carol D. Goodheart, EdD. Aug. 13, 2–3 p.m.

  • “Marriage Equality for Same-Sex Couples: Science and the Legal Debate Parts 1 and 2,” co-chaired by Carol D. Goodheart, EdD, and Bonnie R. Strickland, PhD. Participants: Gregory M. Herek, PhD; Ilan H. Meyer, PhD; Letitia Anne Peplau, PhD; Charlotte J. Patterson, PhD; and M.V. Lee Badgett, PhD. Aug. 13, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.

  • “Strategic Partnerships: Views of Psychology from Other Perspectives,” chair: Sandra L. Shullman, PhD. Participants: Tricia Hunter, ED; David Ballard, PsyD, MBA; and Tom Wolff, PhD. Aug. 13, noon–2 p.m.

  • “Serving Family Caregivers in Your Community: Opportunities, Roles and Resources for Psychologists,” co-chairs: Carol Goodheart, EdD, and Andrea F. Patenaude, PhD. Participants: Carol Goodheart, EdD; Andrea F. Patenaude, PhD; Timothy Elliott, PhD; William E. Haley, PhD; Martha R. Crowther, PhD, MPH; Barry J. Jacobs, PsyD; Sara Honn Qualls, PhD. Aug. 14, 2-4 p.m.

  • “The Juggling Act: Balancing Work and Family,” Diane Halpern, PhD. Aug. 13, 6–7 p.m.

  • “Speed mentoring.” Early career psychologists and graduate students meet with established “mentor” psychologists for 10 to 15 minutes, then rotate to the next mentor. Aug. 13 8–10 a.m. Free, but advance registration required.


  • “Envy Up, Scorn Down: How Comparison Divides Us,” Susan T. Fiske, PhD. Aug. 13, 10–11 a.m.

  • “Neural Perspectives on Cognitive Control and the Multiplicity of Selves,” Jonathan D. Cohen. Aug. 13, 11 a.m.–noon.

  • “Effective psychological treatments for anxiety disorders: science policy and economics,” David M. Clark. Aug. 13, 1–2 p.m.

  • “The emotional brain,” Joseph E. LeDoux, PhD, Aug. 13, noon–1 p.m.

  • “Future of Psychological Science as a STEM Discipline — Research, Educational and Policy implications,” James H. Bray, PhD, and John F. Dovidio, PhD. Aug. 14, 2–4 p.m.


  • “Clinical Treatment Guidelines — Value for Psychology,” chair: Lynn Bufka, PhD. Participants: Steven J. Breckler, PhD; Katherine C. Nordal, PhD; Bonnie Spring, PhD; Mary Ann McCabe, PhD; and Sanford M. Portnoy, PhD. Aug. 14, 4–5 p.m.

  • “Electronic Health Records — What’s Out There and What’s Coming,” chair: Omar F. Rehman. Participants: Kathleen C. Lysell, PsyD; Tom E. Trabin, PhD; Nancy Lane, PhD; and Margaret M. Richards, PhD. Aug. 13, noon–2 p.m.

  • “Telepractice — Addressing Key Issues in Telepsychology,” chair: Maureen Testoni, JD. Participants: Judith S. Blanton, PhD; Lynn Bufka, PhD; Kenneth P. Drude, PhD; Pamela G. Forducey, PhD. Aug. 13, 10–11 a.m.

  • “Transitioning Your Practice into Primary Care Settings — Strategies, Contracts and Competencies,” chair: Susan H. McDaniel, PhD. Participants: Laura H. Barbanel, EdD; Nancy B. Ruddy, PhD; Helen L. Coons, PhD; Elaine S. LeVine, PhD; Daniel Bruns, PsyD; John C. Linton, PhD; and Randy E. Phelps, PhD. Aug. 13, 10 a.m.–noon.

  • “Social Media and Psychology — Opportunities and Challenges for Practitioners,” chair: David Ballard, PsyD, MBA. Participants: Gonzalo Bacigalupe, EdD, MPH; Keely Kolmes, PsyD. Aug. 14, 3–5 p.m.

Public Interest

  • “The Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns 30th Anniversary: Intersectionalities and LGBT Health and Well-Being,” chair Constance Matthews. Participants: Oliva M. Espin, PhD; Karina L. Walters, PhD, MSW; Barry Y. Chung, PhD; Michael Mobley, PhD; Seth Pardo. Discussant: Vic Munoz, EdD. Aug. 14, 2–3 p.m.

  • “Intersectionality: Implications for Research, Practice and Policy,” chair: Kristin A. Hancock, PhD. Participants: Elizabeth R. Cole, PhD; Beverly Greene, PhD; Susan D. Cochran, PhD. Discussants: Laura S. Brown, PhD, and Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD. Aug. 13, 10 a.m.–noon

  • “Health Disparities Among Women: Social Science Perspectives,” chair: Jane M. Simoni, PhD. Participants: Gayle Y. Iwamasa, PhD; Thema Bryant-David, PhD; Jane M. Simoni, PhD; Nancy M. Sidun, PsyD; and Kathy A. McCloskey, PhD. Discussant: Heather Bullock, PhD. Aug. 13, noon–1:50 p.m.

  • “Engaging Schools and Communities: Advancing Behavioral, Physical and Public Health,” chair: Monica Mitchell, PhD. Participants: Stephanie M. Jones, PhD; Neha Navsaria, PhD; Dawn Witherspoon, PhD; Abigail Gewirtz, PhD; Celia Lescano, PhD; Jane M. Simoni, PhD; and Yvonne Roberts. Discussant: John W. Hagen, PhD, and Anita J. Thomas, PhD. Aug. 13, 10 a.m.–noon.

  • “Psychology’s Role in Reducing Cancer Health Disparities,” chair: Hector M. Gonzalez, PhD. Participants: Katherine N. DuHamel, PhD; Anne E. Moyer, PhD; and Julia Rowland, PhD. Aug. 14, 4–5 p.m.

  • “New Look at Homelessness: Research, Policy and Funding,” co-chairs: Allison N. Ponce, PhD, and James H. Bray, PhD. Participants: Suzanne Wenzel, PhD; Charlene E. Le Fauve, PhD; and Beryl Ann Cowan, JD, PhD. Discussant: Norweeta G. Milburn, PhD. Aug. 12, 11 a.m.–noon.


  • “APA Resources for Teachers,” co-chairs: Rena F. Subotnik, PhD, and Robin Hailstorks, PhD. Participants: Thomas P. Pusateri, PhD; Maureen A. McCarthy, PhD; Dorothy Espelage, PhD; and Sandra Graham, PhD. Aug. 13, noon–2 p.m.

  • “Advancing the Application of Psychology in K-12 Teaching and Learning Environments," co-chairs: Rena F. Subotnik, PhD, and Jane Close Conoley, PhD. Participants: Joan M. Lucariello, PhD; Mary Brabeck, PhD; Frank C. Worrell, PhD; Bonnie Nastasi, PhD; Larry Alferink, PhD; and Jane Close Conoley, PhD. Aug. 13, 1–2 p.m.

  • “The Annual APA Education Advocacy Breakfast Meeting,” with keynote speech by Mary Wakefield, PhD, RN, administrator for the Health Resources and Services Administration, with introduction by Pat DeLeon, PhD, JD, APA past president and chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii). Aug. 14, 7:30–9 a.m.

NOTE: All times and dates of presentations are subject to change.