July/August 2010 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 41 No. 7
July August 2010 Monitor cover

On the Cover:
Improving cancer care

  • Life-changing interventions

    Psychologists’ research is preventing and reducing the burden of cancer.

  • Cancer families

    Psychologists’ new interventions are helping families cope with what can be a devastating diagnosis.

Girls and math


Math + culture = gender gap?

Researchers have all but debunked the idea that girls are innately worse at math than boys. But psychologists have identified other factors that might set girls back.

Chimpanzees mourn


Lights, camera, action


Lights, camera, action!

Children with chronic illnesses star in their own self-help videos, thanks to this pediatric psychologist.

Online ethics


The Internet’s ethical challenges

Should you Google your clients? Should you ‘friend’ a student on Facebook? APA’s Ethics Director Stephen Behnke answers those questions and more.

First modern study


The first modern psychology study

Or how Benjamin Franklin unmasked a fraud and demonstrated the power of the mind.

Psychology's voice


Psychology's voice is heard

Decisions in the Supreme Court and elsewhere show the growing influence of psychological science.

Treating traumatized children

Five years after Katrina, new data are illuminating the best ways to help children after natural disasters.

Sins against science

Data fabrication and other forms of scientific misconduct may be more prevalent than you think.

Lab partners from hell

How do you handle fellow grad students who try to undermine you?

Playing the match game

Psychology’s training groups are working to increase the number of internship slots.

Defining disease worldwide

The 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases includes psychologists in key roles.

Psychology’s platinum

Eight psychologists celebrate more than 70 years of APA membership.

On your behalf


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

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