Candidates for APA President

Q5. As APA president, what specific actions would you take to support education and training at all levels, as well as address the issue of inadequate numbers of training sites in the current economic climate?

I will use my experience as lawyer, educator and longtime APA governance member to seek sources of financial support. For example, the new health-care law authorizes extension of the Graduate Psychology Education program (GPE) providing training grants to accredited master’s, doctoral, internship and postdoctoral programs. Much GPE money will go toward internship training, potentially ensuring that the current number of sites will be maintained, if not increased. But authorizing and appropriating are different matters. I will make securing federal funding for GPE an essential priority of my tenure, particularly for programs that meet the needs of underserved populations.

Q6. What specific initiatives will you offer, that fit within the strategic plan, for the future of psychology practice?

  • To advocate for access to psychological services in health care, I would seek to ensure that psychologists are included in community-based interdisciplinary, interprofessional health teams.

  • To promote psychology’s role in decreasing health disparities, I would promote a research agenda to collect data and develop quality measures.

  • To promote the application of psychological knowledge in diverse health-care settings, I would develop plans to attract future practitioners to our training programs who will serve our burgeoning global immigrant population.

  • To establish APA’s reputation as a trusted health-care provider, we must never elevate political expediency over principled policies and practices.