Candidates for APA President

Beginning with the June Monitor and continuing through this issue, the five candidates for APA’s 2012 president are answering two questions each. Balloting begins Sept. 15, and the election closes Nov. 1. For biographical information on each candidate and the candidates’ election statements, see the May Monitor.

  • Q5. As APA president, what specific actions would you take to support education and training at all levels, as well as address the issue of inadequate numbers of training sites in the current economic climate?

  • Q6. What specific initiatives will you offer, that fit within the strategic plan, for the future of psychology practice?

Candidate responses:

Donald N. Bersoff, PhD, JD

Robert "Bob" H. Woody, PhD, ScD, JD

Armand R. Cerbone, PhD

Paul L. Craig, PhD

Suzanne Bennett Johnson, PhD