Candidates for APA President

Q5. As APA president, what specific actions would you take to support education and training at all levels, as well as address the issue of inadequate numbers of training sites in the current economic climate?

  • Address the internship crisis. Funding is critical, but forming consortia of institutions that individually could not afford internships could expand opportunities.

  • Host an education summit. I favor multiple and extended collaborations with experts within and outside psychology, leading to a summit to address education and training’s more intractable challenges and determine future directions.

  • IT and internationalism: Advances in IT are changing what, whom and how we teach, and reshaping opportunities for psychology. Expanding IT will enhance education and training’s reach internationally and enfold the concerns and needs of rural psychologists into our agenda.

Q6. What specific initiatives will you offer, that fit within the strategic plan, for the future of psychology practice?

Consistent with the strategic plan, I favor:

  • Advocacy. Supporting the APAPO’s growth and development to increase its capacity for advocacy.

  • Public Education Campaign. Expanding the PEC to cultivate further recognition of psychology’s fundamental commitment to the public’s everyday and extraordinary health needs, and their appreciation of the range and effectiveness of psychological services.

  • STEM discipline. Aggressively promoting recognition of psychology as a STEM discipline.

  • Public interest. Identifying and meeting a changing public’s needs is practice’s greatest challenge. APA can assist practitioners, where desired, to implement diversified, innovative health-care delivery strategies, especially in integrated settings.