Candidates for APA President

Q5. As APA president, what specific actions would you take to support education and training at all levels, as well as address the issue of inadequate numbers of training sites in the current economic climate?

As APA president, I will work with the Education Directorate to ensure quality psychology education models and curricula from high school through postdoctoral fellowships.

As APA’s current treasurer, I have prioritized education by supporting funding for APA’s Committee on Accreditation, Board of Educational Affairs, Continuing Education Committee and related activities.

The undersupply of internship opportunities is a catastrophe for many doctoral candidates. I am committed to addressing this issue by focusing on identifying and securing funding for services provided by psychology interns within health-care settings. Increased support for the Education Advocacy Trust’s important work will be emphasized.

Q6. What specific initiatives will you offer, that fit within the strategic plan, for the future of psychology practice?

As APA president, I will focus on APA’s three strategic plan initiatives (i.e., maximize organizational effectiveness, expand psychology’s role in advancing health and increase recognition of psychology as a science) in the service of advancing psychology practice.

I will optimize the APA Practice Organization’s ability to advocate for psychology practice. I will work toward inclusion of psychology under the federal definition of “physician” that already includes chiropractors, podiatrists and others.

I will implement recommendations from APA’s 2009 Future of Psychology Practice Summit (e.g., practice guidelines). Psychologists must be identified as primary-care providers in the emerging integrated health-care home.