On the Record

“Yes, money makes you happy — we see the effect of income on life satisfaction is very strong and virtually ubiquitous and universal around the world. But it makes you more satisfied than it makes you feel good. Positive feelings are less affected by money and more affected by the things people are doing day to day.”

University of Illinois professor emeritus of psychology Ed Diener, PhD
The Washington Post, July 1

“We no longer send a child out to play for three hours and have those three hours to ourselves. Now you take them to the next practice, the next class. We’ve been consumed by our children. But we’re moving back slowly to parents wanting to have a life, too. And people are realizing that’s simply easier with one child.”

Social psychologist and parenting expert Susan Newman, PhD, who says that before technology made 24/7 work possible, Americans spent less time actively parenting.
Time magazine, July 8