Div. 1 (Society for General Psychology)
President-elect: Dean Keith Simonton, PhD
Member-at-large: Brian H. Stagner, PhD

Div. 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology)
President-elect: Norine L. Jalbert, PhD
Vice president—awards and recognition: Pamela I. Ansburg, PhD

Div. 3 (Experimental)
President-elect: Karen L. Hollis, PhD
Member-at-large: Anne M. Cleary, PhD, and Angelo Santi, PhD
Council representative: Thomas R. Zentall, PhD

Div. 5 (Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics)
President-elect: Marcia M. Andberg, PhD
Member-at-large: Patrick Elliot Shrout, PhD

Div. 6 (Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative)
President-elect: Mauricio R. Papini, PhD
Member-at-large: Michael J. Beran, PhD

Div. 7 (Developmental)
President-elect: Gail S. Goodman, PhD
Secretary: Celia A. Brownell, PhD
Member-at-large: Leslie J. Carver, PhD, and Catherine Haden, PhD
Fellows committee: Margarita Azmitia, PhD, and Adam Winsler, PhD
Early career representative: Kathryn C. Monahan, PhD
Graduate student representative: Elizabeth P. Shulman

Div. 8 (Society for Personality and Social Psychology)
Council representative: Paula R. Pietromonaco, PhD

Div. 9 (Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues)
Council representative: Wendy R. Williams, PhD

Div. 10 (Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts)
President-elect: James C. Kaufman, PhD
Council representative: Annabel J. Cohen, PhD

Div. 12 (Society of Clinical Psychology)
President-elect: J. Gayle Beck, PhD
Secretary: John C. Linton, PhD
Council representative: Larry E. Beutler, PhD, and Irving B. Weiner, PhD

Div. 13 (Society of Consulting Psychology)
President-elect: Amy Owen Nieberding, PhD
Secretary: Karen Y. Wilson-Starks, PhD
Domain leaders: Rodney L. Lowman, PhD, and
Carolyn F. Humphrey, PhD

Div. 14 (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology)
Council representative: Paul W. Thayer, PhD

Div. 15 (Educational)
President-elect: Martha M. “Marty” Carr, PhD
Treasurer: Sharon L. Nichols, PhD
Member-at-large: Sandra Graham, PhD
Council representative: Timothy C. Urdan, PhD

Div. 16 (School)
President-elect: Shane R. Jimerson, PhD
Treasurer: Catherine A. Fiorello, PhD
Vice president for convention affairs and public relations: James C. DiPerna, PhD
Vice president for education, training and scientific affairs: Stacy Overstreet, PhD
Vice president for publications and communications: Linda A. Reedy, PhD

Div. 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology)
President-elect: Y. Barry Chung, PhD
Treasurer: Michael Mobley, PhD
Vice president for communications: Ruperto “Toti” M. Perez, PhD
Vice president for education and training: Cindy L. Juntunen, PhD
Council representative: Helen A. Neville, PhD

Div. 18 (Psychologists in Public Service)
President-elect: Linda P. Bodie, PsyD
Secretary-treasurer: Bret A. Moore, PsyD
Council representative: Dolly C. Sadow, PhD

Div. 19 (Society for Military Psychology)
President-elect: Tonia S. Heffner, PhD
Secretary: Thomas Rhett Graves, PhD
Treasurer: Kathryn T. Lindsey, PhD
Member-at-large: Morgan Banks, PhD

Div. 20 (Adult Development and Aging)
President-elect: Carolyn M. Aldwin, PhD
Member-at-large: Lisa M. Brown, PhD, and Derek M. Isaacowitz, PhD
Council representative: K. Warner Schaie, PhD

Div. 21 (Applied Experimental and Engineering)
President-elect: Joel S. Warm, PhD
Member-at-large: James L. Szalma, PhD
Council representative: Regina C. Colonia-Willner, PhD

Div. 22 (Rehabilitation)
President-elect: Jay M. Uomoto, PhD
Treasurer: Monica F. Kurylo, PhD
Member-at-large: Erin E. Andrews, PsyD, and John DeLuca, PhD
Council representative: Kathleen S. Brown, PhD, and Timothy R. Elliott, PhD

Div. 23 (Society for Consumer Psychology)
Council representative: Curtis P. Haugtvedt, PhD

Div. 24 (Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology)
President-elect: James Lamiell, PhD
Member-at-large: Kathleen L. Slaney, PhD
Council representative: Lisa M. Osbeck, PhD

Div. 25 (Behavior Analysis)
President-elect: Christine E. Hughes, PhD
Member-at-large: Bruce A. Thyer, PhD

Div. 26 (Society for the History of Psychology)
President-elect: Andrew S. Winston, PhD

Div. 27 (Society for Community Research and Action: Division of Community Psychology)
President-elect: James R. Cook, PhD
Secretary: Sandra Y. Lewis, PsyD
Member-at-large: Chiara Sabina, PhD
Regional network coordinator: Susan D. McMahon, PhD

Div. 28 (Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse)
President-elect: Rick A. Bevins, PhD
Member-at-large: Ellen A. Walker, PhD

Div. 29 (Psychotherapy)
President-elect: Marvin R. Goldfried, PhD
Diversity domain representative: Caryn Rodgers, PhD
Early career domain representative: Susan S. Woodhouse, PhD
Science and scholarship domain representative: Norman Abeles, PhD
Council representative: Linda F. Campbell, PhD, and John C. Norcross, PhD

Div. 30 (Society of Psychological Hypnosis)
President-elect: Marty Sapp, EdD
Secretary: Joan H. Hageman, PhD
Member-at-large: Katherine DuHamel, PhD

Div. 31 (State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs)
President-elect: G. Andrew H. Benjamin, PhD
Treasurer: Sally S. Horwatt, PhD
Member-at-large: Dinelia Rosa, PhD
Council representative: Lisa R. Grossman, PhD

Div. 32 (Society for Humanistic Psychology)
President-elect: David N. Elkins, PhD
Treasurer: Thérèse Laferrière, EdD
Member-at-large: Kevin P. Keenan, PhD, and David G. Lukoff, PhD
Council representative: Frank Farley, PhD

Div. 33 (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)
President-elect designate: Alice S. Carter, PhD
Member-at-large: Sharon J. Krinsky-McHale, PhD

Div. 34 (Population and Environmental)
President-elect: Janet K. Swim, PhD
Treasurer: Mary B. Gregerson, PhD
Member-at-large: Joseph B. Juhasz, PhD, and Britain A. Scott, PhD
Council representative: Susan D. Clayton, PhD

Div. 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women)
President-elect: Stephanie A. Shields, PhD
Secretary-elect: Kathryn B. Anderson, PhD

Div. 36 (Psychology of Religion)
President-elect: Chris J. Boyatzis, PhD
Council representative: William L. Hathaway, PhD, and M. Elizabeth Lewis Hall, PhD

Div. 37 (Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice)
President-elect: Michael C. Roberts, PhD
Secretary: Jennifer Wyatt Kaminski, PhD
Member-at-large: Cindy L. Miller-Perrin, PhD, and Amy L. Damashek, PhD
Council representative: Carol A. Falender, PhD

Div. 38 (Health)
President-elect: Elizabeth A. Klonoff, PhD
Member-at-large: Vanessa L. Malcarne, PhD

Div. 39 (Psychoanalysis)
Member-at-large: Nancy R. McWilliams, PhD, Henry M. Seiden, PhD, and Jonathan H. Slavin, PhD
Council representative: Tamara M. Greenberg, PsyD, Marilyn N. Metzl, PhD, and Richard I. Ruth, PhD

Div. 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology)
President-elect: William B. Barr, PhD
Member-at-large: Julie A. Bobholz, PhD
Council representative: Robert M. Bilder, PhD, Corwin Boake, PhD, and Deborah A. Loftis, PhD

Div. 41 (American Psychology-Law Society)
President-elect: Brian L. Cutler, PhD
Member-at-large: Jennifer L. Groscup, PhD
Council representative: Randy K. Otto, PhD

Div. 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice)
President-elect: Jeffrey N. Younggren, PhD
Member-at-large: Lori C. Thomas, PhD, and Jeffrey Zimmerman, PhD
Council representative: Stanley R. Graham, PhD, Josephine D. Johnson, PhD, and Robert H. Woody, PhD, JD

Div. 43 (Society for Family Psychology)
President-elect: Marianne Celano, PhD
Treasurer: Robert K. Welsh, PhD
Vice president for education: Stephen Cheung, PsyD
Vice president for public interest and diversity: Gonzalo Bacigalupe, EdD
Council representative: Michele Harway, PhD

Div. 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues)
President-elect: Mark L. Pope, EdD
Member-at-large: Peter Y. Ji, PhD
Council representative: Sandra L. Shullman, PhD, and Terry S. Gock, PhD

Div. 45 (Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues)
President-elect: Justin Douglas McDonald, PhD
Member-at-large: Jennifer Manly, PhD
Council representative: William D. Parham, PhD

Div. 46 (Media)
President-elect: Phyllis R. Koch-Sheras, PhD
Secretary: Jonathan Cabiria, PhD
Member-at-large: Rochelle M. Balter, PhD, and Lenore E. Walker, EdD
Council representative: Elizabeth K. Carll, PhD

Div. 47 (Exercise and Sport)
President-elect: Gloria Balague-Dahlberg, PhD
Secretary-treasurer: Douglas M. Hankes, PhD
Member-at-large: Jack C. Watson, II, PhD

Div. 48 (Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence: Peace Psychology Division)
President-elect: Gilbert Reyes, PhD
Member-at-large: Ethel Tobach, PhD
Council representative: Kathleen H. Dockett, EdD

Div. 49 (Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy)
President-elect: Nina W. Brown, PhD
Secretary: Scott Conkright, PsyD
Member-at-large: Elaine Clanton Harpine, PhD, and Dennis M. Kivlighan Jr., PhD
Student representative: Kyle G. Barry
Council representative: Gloria B. Gottsegen, PhD

Div. 50 (Addictions)
President-elect: Warren K. Bickel, PhD
Member-at-large: John F. Kelly, PhD

Div. 51 (Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity)
President-elect: Jay C. Wade, PhD
Secretary: David H. Whitcomb, PhD
Member-at-large: Joel Wong, PhD, and Francisco “Cisco” J. Sanchez, PhD
Council representative: Edward J. Tejirian, PhD

Div. 52 (International)
President-elect: Neal S. Rubin, PhD
Secretary: Ayse Ciftci, PhD
Member-at-large: Andres J. Consoli, PhD, and Joy K. Rice, PhD

Div. 53 (Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology)
President-elect: Mary A. Fristad, PhD
Treasurer: Richard R. Abidin, EdD
Member-at-large: Kathryn E. Grant, PhD
Council representative: Martha E. Wadsworth, PhD

Div. 54 (Society of Pediatric Psychology)
President-elect: Tonya M. Palermo, PhD
Treasurer: T. David Elkin, PhD
Member-at-large: Ric G. Steele, PhD

Div. 55 (American Society for the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy)
President-elect: Kevin M. McGuinness, PhD
Treasurer: Mary-Kathryn Black, PhD
Member-at-large: Kathleen M. McNamara, PhD
APAGS representative: Katherine Barteck
Council representative: Robert E. McGrath, PhD

Div. 56 (Trauma)
President-elect: Terence M. Keane, PhD
Treasurer: Beth N. Rom-Rymer, PhD
Member-at-large: Sylvia A. Marotta, PhD
Professional affiliate representative: Irene Sullivan, JD
Council representative: Sandra Mattar, PsyD, and Joan M. Cook, PhD

Learn more about Divisions of APA. 

State associations

Alabama Psychological Association
Council representative: Linda G. Alverson-Eiland, PhD

Alaska Psychological Association
Council representative: David D. Sandberg, PhD

California Psychological Association
Council representative: David M. Lechuga, PhD

Florida Psychological Association
Council representative: I. Bruce Frumkin, PhD

Hawaii Psychological Association
Council representative: Nancy M. Sidun, PsyD

Indiana Psychological Association
Council representative: Thomas J. Barbera, PhD

Iowa Psychological Association
Council representative: Elizabeth Lonning, PsyD

Kansas Psychological Association
Council representative: Bruce D. Nystrom, PhD

Kentucky Psychological Association
Council representative: William J. Meegan, PhD

Louisiana Psychological Association
Council representative: Darlyne G. Nemeth, PhD

Mississippi Psychological Association
Council representative: Angela O. Herzog, PhD

New Hampshire Psychological Association
Council representative: William B. Gunn Jr., PhD

North Dakota Psychological Association
Council representative: Paul D. Kolstoe, PhD

South Carolina Psychological Association
Council representative: Shirley A. Vickery, PhD

Utah Psychological Association
Council representative: Chris K. Wehl, PhD

Vermont Psychological Association
Council representative: William L. Cunningham, PhD

Learn more about State and Provincial Psychological Associations.